Farewell 2016

30 Dec 2016 – A Riverboat Experience

Tue: just as I was planning to take a break from eating today as Henry was supposed to have dinner with me last night, but it happens to be tonight – such is life when the memory gets up in age! All’s well that ends well, it is always nice to catch up with him. Tkx for the beautiful emerald. Forgot to take pix, uploaded from 1+yr ago and he looks the same!


It is indeed a small world and life has many coincidences – Andy (with the darker shirt) who is in the CC group (Thomas’s partner in training) also works with Henry.

14731294_1787185728172940_4614970246069357092_nWed: as we say our goodbyes to 2016, Bowie, Cohen, Prince, George Michael, Carrie Fisher, Richard Adams+others, we must also remember to give thanks for their Ziggy Stardust, Suzanne, Purple Rain, Last Christmas, Star Wars and Watership Down.

Apologies for error in the pix – should be actually, too lazy to correct…


Being a member of Watsons has its advantage at their sales when shopping for toiletries is a good deal. S$30+ quarterly is really not too extravagant!


This Christmas season has gone by fast and Parkway Parade’s Christmas deco are down being now replaced with CNY deco. Seems like the Rooster year will be a good one for the Ox – as usual, take this with a pinch of salt. Tkx to niece DaisyLam for lunch@DinTaiFung****where the food there seldom disappoints.


Thu: US actress Debbie Reynolds dies, a day after daughter Carrie Fisher – BBC. Thank you for her Tammy (the age of innocence for me then!!)Above 3pix uploaded from various sites. My heart would fall apart and stop too if my girls go before me 🙁

If you have a need to be comfortable all the time—well, among other things, you have the makings of a classic drug addict or alcoholic ― Carrie Fisher/Wishful Drinking


Stewords Riverboat, a 3-decked, non-motorized replica of the 1800s Mississippi steam boats. Formerly@Sentosa, the Riverboat now operates at Marina South Pier with Santa Fe Tex-Mex Grill on the Main Deck, Wood & Steel Gastrobar on the al-fresco Bridge Deck, and a private function hall on the Upper Deck. The concept is great with spectacular views in good weathers, but not suitable for people who gets seasick easily due to constant rocking motion of the ship.


img_3638Appreciations to Lee for a yummy dinner@Wood & Steel Gastrobar***CajunCalamari, PamaHam, Blue Eyes – premium ribeye steak pan-seared and Belly Dancer – belly-pork, but skin was not crispy. Nice ambiance and good service. A perfect sunset in the lovely outdoors evening sea-breeze. Thank you dear nephew for the introduction to this location and most of all for taking the time to re-connect.

Note: if you plan to visit this location, take the MRT to Marina South Pier (Exit B) and the station is just a minute. Parking was S$15 for 3hrs!

Christmas 2016

26 Dec 2016 – Happy Boxing Day


Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree,
You’ll ever be unchanging!
A symbol of goodwill and love…
Fri: dank je (Dutch) TGIF – enjoy this last 2016 weekend.
谢谢Xièxiè (Chinese) to Calvin&staff of CC for a delicious evening in good company of dashing ppl in plaids.
My favourite one is only but 9months young – pix credits to Chris.
2 delicious suckling piglets were the high points+much more to make a feast fit for a king. Tkx to Yvonne for her yummy dates, cheese and walnuts. My contribution is the usual innocent 🙂 fruit cocktail salad!


Sat: fun to catch up at our annual get-together. Italian taste is on the menu today – appreciations to Ting for the bruschetta, Bev for the cheese and crackers. Tkx Ting, CH and Bev for good company and gifts. Pix credits to all 3.


So good of Lawrence, Les&Ivy to drop by for a bite after Christmas Eve Mass at the chapel of St Patrick’s School. Tkx to Les for these bubbles and to Grace for this only hand-made greetings.


Sun: from my family to yours –


from SIN to where ever this greetings can reach, wishing each and everyone peace and joy. Merry Christmas and goodwill to all.


Thank you to Ivy&Les for the annual Christmas lunch@Tanglin Club. A wonderful time was enjoyed by all with abundance of good company, food and wines.


Comment from Audrey – Is this your entire clan? Geez… My reply – far from entire clan – only just a tiny fraction, none of my children and grandchildren (10) are here! None of my 2bro (16), and not the complete family of bros 1, 3, 4 and sis’s family here. Total from Branch1 (my siblings and I) stands at 67 today!! My father being Branch1, so try and count how many when I total in all the other 12branches????


Jo insisted on making dinner and Lawrence wanted to see the Orchard Rd Christmas lights, imagine what it is like sitting in the traffic,but then one can enjoy the lights! (Posting for these lights – 12Dec). As always Tanglin Club, CHIJMES and Raffles Hotel are my favourties.


Mon: Happy Boxing Day! Thank you to DaisyChia for a lovely stroll@East Coast Park and MeeSiam@MarineCove. Delighted to see ppl taking time to enjoy this public holiday outdoors.

When you rise in the morning, give thanks for the light, for your life, for your strength. Give thanks for your food and for the joy of living. If you see no reason to give thanks, the fault lies in yourself ― Tecumseh

It’s Getting To Look

22 Dec 2016 – And Feel A Lot Like Christmas

Wed: got a hair-cut recently and for S$5. The stylist was afraid to thin out the thick hair in fear of them sticking out all over! Told him it will be OK as this weather here is not particular for a head full of hair and for that price, there are no complains or much stick-outs! Finally it takes no time to dry after a wash nowadays!


Thu: ευχαριστώ/efcharistó (Greek) to cousin Yeng and her family for taking time to catch up. The last time we met was in 2008, Vancouver/Canada. JieQing was then 12 and now she has grown into a fine 21yrs young lady. ZhaoMing is a fantastic dad and a wonderful husband. The ceiling@Toast-Box in Shaw House has an interesting ceiling and we had fun playing 5stones.


Cousin Cheng&HengHuat are also back in SIN for the holidays. Much respect and admiration for 13Uncle who is 90 – still driving safely, working and taking care of 13Aunt who is wheelchaired-bound. Have managed to capture some pix of Branch13.


img_3389More last minute shopping@Orchard Rd. Expected a worse crowd, but was pleasantly surprised that it was not too bad. Perhaps many ppl are away for the holidays. The tree in Takashimaya never fails to bedazzle me. Like the recycled bottle-tree@the Market Place in Paragon.

Now that I have figured out what to do for the corks, next will be the bottles 🙂


Getting ready to start chopping up fruits for a fruit cocktail dessert at CC tomorrow night. Looking forward to seeing everybody.

Condolences to Adrian and his family for the passing of his mother. And to Mario for the passing of his sister. May they RIP. Prayers and thoughts are with them this holiday.


The Shepherd Returns

21 Dec 2016 – A Cathedral Restored


Fri: TGIF – a wonderful weekend to all. ขอขอบคุณ khob kun ka (Thai) for these lovely orchids (Rnst. Bangkok Beauty) to brighten the day. Know of only 2, but there are many more, with a fragrance Aranda bertha braga (Spider Orchid) is one of them. Appreciations to Neo Tuanhong for the names.


The Winter/Christmas village is finally in place – on the piano and have not had a real Christmas tree since the children moved away (19yrs ago). These are my Eco environmental friendly annual Christmas trees.


Sat: 고맙습니다 gomabseubnida (Korean) to Les&Ivy for a night of fine dinning and fiery dessert!! at Dempsey Road La Ventana****where Michelin-starred Spanish cuisines are served.


Lovely evening in good company of Clement, MeiPin and the owners of this location!


A stroll thru’ SBG –


Good to see so many trees lit and decorated, now called Trees of the World. Vivid memories of the days when Wendy & I started the idea during our OSSEA days! It was like pulling teeth to even get the Embassies to sponsor and decorate a few trees then!!


4peaceSun: today is the last Sunday of Advent – less than a week to Christmas day and just less than 2 weeks left of 2016.

Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill is to have the true spirit of Christmas.

Getting to see the end of the light in the tunnel where making and wrapping of gifts are concerned 🙂

Interesting results of my dominant personality trait – answers reveal that:

bf0c88e5-7a83-4cf8-9d99-69967b4637dckindness is your most dominant personality trait. You are very sensitive to others and rarely have a bad thing to say about anyone. People are constantly impressed by your thoughtfulness. If someone is having a bad day, you always seem to know how to make it better.

Just remember, these stuff are just for the fun of it. How nice to be able to be kind, but of course not all the time…


Mon: @MtE to reschedule app and to drop off a gift to KokSoon. Tickets to OSL via Istanbul on TurkishAir (SIN-IST-OSL-IST-SIN S$800) booked for Jan2017. PS Cafe where my favourtie Key-Lime pie can be found in SIN! Great to catch up with Larry, Michael and Vincent. Safe journeys back to the US for Michael.


The festive glitters and glows at Paragon are cheerful to look at.


Tue: Cathedral of the Good Shepard is now finally fully renovated and restored after being damaged by the constructions of the MRT and SMU. This SIN oldest catholic church is built in 1847.


Have been here when there was no AC during 1960s student days in CHIJ across the road! The spiral stairways here are similar to that across the road at CHIJ where I have tried to climb!



The Nativity scene is quite amazing, created by a businessman husband and retiree wife – it took them 5months to create this.


The religious figurines were flown in from Rome and the structure was fully hand-built by them.


Appreciations to Carmel for ice-T & ice-cream@SBG Casa Verde in good company of Ivy.


SBG, SIN 1st UNESCO World Heritage Site and my favourite gardens to be in SIN. Fond memories from childhood playing around the band-stand and the setting up of all the shows in this location.

Fridge Shopping

15 Dec 2016 – And Comparing $$$


Mon: the fridge has started to act up after 15+yrs of being on non-stop. Not a good time, but never a good time! Fridge$$$ shopping@Mustafa. Decided to try their new roof-top cafe. Chicken biryani there pretty decent, enough to doggy-bag for another meal.


Rather pleasant, but can be a bit on the warm side even in the AC dome. Would have been better after the sun sets! Last serving is at 2300hrs.


Delighted that I had the time to check on prices to discover that a large package of dill here is under S$2. At other grocery stores, a small package is just under S$3 and when making Gravlaks, would be using at least 5 of those small packages, amounting to S$15! Also found the Betel-leaf for Nasi Ulam, ie for when I make it again.


15542254_10154287502471971_7691851548458244284_nTue: Happy St. Lucia’s Day – 13Dec was also the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, in the old Julian Calendar and a pagan festival of lights in Sweden was turned into St. Lucia’s Day. Down memory lane with pix from Dec 1980, 36yrs ago!!! Linn reminded me that this pix is from a Christmas play@Nordberg menighets barnehage! Have not made these Lucia’s buns since my Tromsø days!

img_3362img_3363More fridge$$$ shopping at Best Denki@ParkwayP where I felt I was watching the Lulu movie all over again! Did not quite understand what this female salesPRC was trying to tell me besides no stock…

Feeling rather down upon receiving news of bro Steven’s stroke this evening and in hospital waiting for surgery.


Wed: continued with fridge shopping. Bus to Bedok Interchange and a free shuttle to IKEA and Courts.


Had chicken wings & Gravlaks@IKEA (not sure when I can make my Gravlaks! Dill does not keep without refrigeration). Somehow, gravlaks with potatoes and arugula is not how I would serve this dish!


Did some shopping since I was there.


Courts‘ price is the most expensive quote for this Panasonic NRBM229. In Mustafa, no stock like in Best Denki but available online@Qoo10. The problem I am having is that this is the only size fridge that will fit into my old fridge’s space in my kitchen!

The good news is that Steven is out from surgery and that he is OK. Also this commercial made my day – hahaha

Have been banking with this bank ever since it existed, and NO such luck! Perhaps its time to change bank!? Certainly do not mind living in Lillestrøm with George Clooney 🙂 Maybe that’s why my Norwegian family do not bank with this bank, no such luck for them either 🙂 🙂


Thu: hopefully this is it with shopping – realistically NOT! Tried to cheer myself up with La La Land****(one of my favourtie phrases!!), but you do have to be in the right frame of mind to watch it.  A story of an aspiring actress and a dedicated jazz musician, who are struggling to make ends meet. Set in LA modern day, this musical is about everyday life exploring the joys and pains of pursuing your dreams…

Visited Steven@SGH and that certainly did not put me in the right frame of mind 🙁


Ringing In The Holidays

12 Dec 2016 – With Family, Friends & Food

Thu: decided to make NasiUlam for lunch – the last time I made it was 2+yrs ago.



Somehow, still do not manage to get all the herbs and this time lacking both the Torch-Ginger flower bud and the Betel leaf. Yes, I can taste the missing ingredients – perhaps that is why it is so seldom made due to the difficulty to get all the herbs besides all the cutting…


Grazie (Italian) for Gel and Alan’s good company to start the holiday lunches. They had no complains with the Nasi Ulam nor the rest of the menu…


Appreciations to Gel for the intro to Alan who has enlightened and educated me about certain aspects of SIN that I was ignorant about. 3above pix credits also to him making the food looks better than the real thing!

In memory of John Lennon and thank you for Imagine my favourite of all. To everyone – please continue to be a dreamer and keep imagining.


Fri: TGIF – Arigatōgozaimashita ありがとうございました (Japanese) to the cardiac team@MtE and to Les for a lovely and delicious get together to celebrate life for and with Ivy. Good to see family and friends enjoying the evening as the sky cleared.


Here with 3generations including the family’s and my cardiologist, KokSoon.


Tkx to the young man for providing us with live-entertainment on my ex-Steinway! and to MeiPin for demonstrating her elegant sword movements, 青龙出水🐉 – the green dragon emerges from the water. Women do need to show their weapons when challenged 🙂

Both 1990-91 Paul Jaboulet Aîné Hermitage La Chapelle were excellent. Many blurred pix, blame it on the champagne and good wines… lol.


Sat: brought noya-food (Ivy request) from the East Coast Rd area for brunch with Les&Ivy. Dumplings from KimChoo, Popiah&MeeSiam from Glory. 3above pix downloaded.


Sun: teşekkür ederim (turkish) for the good company of Larry&Michael from TX/USA and Clement. Nasi Lemak for brunch and a nice catch up session this 3rdSun of Advent. 1st Christmas snail-mail greetings received, tkx Janice&Tom. This new marble-top table is a Christmas gift to myself! and Rnst. Bangkok Beauty, the perfect red colour orchid to ring in the holidays.


Walked to Gardens by the Bay (Bay East) via EC Pk. Nice to see ppl out enjoying their Sunday. Was abit concerned about this person just lying on the concrete in the middle of nowhere! But she was breathing!


Views of SIN Skyline from the bridge on the ECP over the Kallang River.


Appreciations to Les&Ivy for black-peeper crab beehoon dinner. Starting at Tanglin Mall, walked towards Orchard Rd for the lights.


Some of my favourties – Wheelock Place, Takashimaya, Paragon, Centrepoint/looking up from the basement link.


Centrepoint again won the best for this year, this time with their Christmas Clockwork Kitchen theme. Like the colours here but prefer the theme at Orchard Centre!


Orchard Centre has a very blue colour theme to match with the street! Caught the bus at PlazaSIN and a good night sleep after app 10km walk in the fresh air! Wanted to push myself, and no problems there, but the heat and humidity do get to me eventually!!


Gift Wrapping

7 Dec 2016 – Gift or Present??

Finding the correct words is not always easy, especially when you know more than 1 language! When gift is in the Norwegian context, poison pops up! And present sounds too much of NOW! But those seem to be the only 2 words!!

Here is a touching clip to watch for the season. Grandparents with grandchildren somewhere else, do get your bags out and start packing!



Sat: Toda תודה רבה לך (Hebrew) – thankful for Larry from USA who landed safe&sound here in SIN. Great to catch up and hope that he is not too jet-lagged to have a goodnight sleep. Traffic was horrible@Orchard Rd due to the closure for the 1st Sat of the month – forgot all about that…



Sun: a weekend of gift creating and wrapping. The second Sun of Advent is a reminder that not everyone looks forward to the holiday season and to have some compassion for those who are finding this to be a difficult time of the year.


Mon: Obrigada (Portuguese) – tkx for these from Les, Calvin, Andrew, and others. Trying to figure how to size them into a few smaller boards on the working table which is already a total mess! And who ever said that size does not matter have not tried doing this.


Tue: catching up with CHIJ 1962 classmates. Tkx Cecelia for taking time to meet before flying off back to Sydney/Australia. Appreciations to Pat for getting us together, and what a lovely surprise to bump into Evelyn too. Looks like the ginger-bread house is opened and ready for the sales of their baked-goods@Tanglin Club.

img_3181 img_3176

Tanglin Club and Raffles Hotel are two of the few places which still have classy and tasteful Christmas decorations with the traditional colours of red, green and gold.


Wed: tried getting my fresh veggies@the wet market this morning, again forgetting – not road closure this time but that Wed is the day when many of the stalls have their break. Just goes to show that Wed is not my usual day to the wet market!! This tree with yellow blooms is absolutely delightful to see when I pass by the junction of MP and Still Rd by TaoNanSchool


Hello December 2016

2 Dec 2016 –  Thanks & Farewell November


Tue: Happy 10thBday JohnW, the only one of my 6grandchildren born in SIN. Amazing that #3 has now also reached the age when he can count his age in 2digits!


That time of the year again!!! Things to be boxed and wrapped and things out of boxes to be placed – 1st Christmas lunch starting 8Dec. Could not find the Advent wreath and candles, probably gave them away and forgotten about it or to whom?? Will have to do without one!

cff338c45c_345x518_fd672c4d47Lulu The Movie***is a popular character from Michelle Chong’s comedy sketch show The Noose. Coming from mainland China, Lulu who used to be a KTV hostess now works in SIN.

The movie follows the adventure of Lulu who has a distinct Chinese accent trying to converse in English in SIN. The exaggerated and overemphasized of the accent can be more annoying than funny at times!


Wed: Happy Bday to cousin Chai in Toronto. 0900hrs appointment at MtE to get over with it. Shopping early to beat the crowds at Daiso@PlazaSIN for last minute Christmas mailing stuff and gift wrapping. Appreciations to Peggy for lunch at New Green Pasture Health Food Trading****@Fortune Centre, one of my favourite vegetarian places but the prices have also gone up!


Thu: do like the snow-furries in the blog for the holiday season! Today starts the countdown of Advent (decided to put up 2! ) and my calendar says Cảm ơn/Komomen (Vietnamese). Thankful to Aileen & Raymond for their help to get 2016 Season’s Greetings ready so that they can hopefully be in the snail-mail asap!


Fri: TGIF – yes yes yes burning the mid-night oil last night to get most of the greetings in the mail today and the village is in its place on the piano.


On to gift wrappings over the weekend and hopfully the creative ideas will just flow in, unlike the memory where things are flowing out, mis-placed or gone 🙂 But still நன்றி Nandei (Tamil) thankful to the beautiful and simple life in life – like the Bougainvillea which are found abundantly in SIN, on highways like the ECP, overhead bridges, etc…


13 Happy Bday Ingrid HUSTAD

14 Happy Bday LAM Cheng Chwab

16 Happy Bday Andy LAM

23 Happy Bday Minos LAM

25 Merry Christmas

27 Happy Bday Lisa XIAO

28 Happy Bday Peggy LEUNG