Gift Wrapping

7 Dec 2016 – Gift or Present??

Finding the correct words is not always easy, especially when you know more than 1 language! When gift is in the Norwegian context, poison pops up! And present sounds too much of NOW! But those seem to be the only 2 words!!

Here is a touching clip to watch for the season. Grandparents with grandchildren somewhere else, do get your bags out and start packing!


Sat: Toda תודה רבה לך (Hebrew) – thankful for Larry from USA who landed safe&sound here in SIN. Great to catch up and hope that he is not too jet-lagged to have a goodnight sleep. Traffic was horrible@Orchard Rd due to the closure for the 1st Sat of the month – forgot all about that…



Sun: a weekend of gift creating and wrapping. The second Sun of Advent is a reminder that not everyone looks forward to the holiday season and to have some compassion for those who are finding this to be a difficult time of the year.


Mon: Obrigada (Portuguese) – tkx for these from Les, Calvin, Andrew, and others. Trying to figure how to size them into a few smaller boards on the working table which is already a total mess! And who ever said that size does not matter have not tried doing this.


Tue: catching up with CHIJ 1962 classmates. Tkx Cecelia for taking time to meet before flying off back to Sydney/Australia. Appreciations to Pat for getting us together, and what a lovely surprise to bump into Evelyn too. Looks like the ginger-bread house is opened and ready for the sales of their baked-goods@Tanglin Club.

img_3181 img_3176

Tanglin Club and Raffles Hotel are two of the few places which still have classy and tasteful Christmas decorations with the traditional colours of red, green and gold.


Wed: tried getting my fresh veggies@the wet market this morning, again forgetting – not road closure this time but that Wed is the day when many of the stalls have their break. Just goes to show that Wed is not my usual day to the wet market!! This tree with yellow blooms is absolutely delightful to see when I pass by the junction of MP and Still Rd by TaoNanSchool


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