Fridge Shopping

15 Dec 2016 – And Comparing $$$


Mon: the fridge has started to act up after 15+yrs of being on non-stop. Not a good time, but never a good time! Fridge$$$ shopping@Mustafa. Decided to try their new roof-top cafe. Chicken biryani there pretty decent, enough to doggy-bag for another meal.


Rather pleasant, but can be a bit on the warm side even in the AC dome. Would have been better after the sun sets! Last serving is at 2300hrs.


Delighted that I had the time to check on prices to discover that a large package of dill here is under S$2. At other grocery stores, a small package is just under S$3 and when making Gravlaks, would be using at least 5 of those small packages, amounting to S$15! Also found the Betel-leaf for Nasi Ulam, ie for when I make it again.


15542254_10154287502471971_7691851548458244284_nTue: Happy St. Lucia’s Day – 13Dec was also the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, in the old Julian Calendar and a pagan festival of lights in Sweden was turned into St. Lucia’s Day. Down memory lane with pix from Dec 1980, 36yrs ago!!! Linn reminded me that this pix is from a Christmas play@Nordberg menighets barnehage! Have not made these Lucia’s buns since my Tromsø days!

img_3362img_3363More fridge$$$ shopping at Best Denki@ParkwayP where I felt I was watching the Lulu movie all over again! Did not quite understand what this female salesPRC was trying to tell me besides no stock…

Feeling rather down upon receiving news of bro Steven’s stroke this evening and in hospital waiting for surgery.


Wed: continued with fridge shopping. Bus to Bedok Interchange and a free shuttle to IKEA and Courts.


Had chicken wings & Gravlaks@IKEA (not sure when I can make my Gravlaks! Dill does not keep without refrigeration). Somehow, gravlaks with potatoes and arugula is not how I would serve this dish!


Did some shopping since I was there.


Courts‘ price is the most expensive quote for this Panasonic NRBM229. In Mustafa, no stock like in Best Denki but available online@Qoo10. The problem I am having is that this is the only size fridge that will fit into my old fridge’s space in my kitchen!

The good news is that Steven is out from surgery and that he is OK. Also this commercial made my day – hahaha

Have been banking with this bank ever since it existed, and NO such luck! Perhaps its time to change bank!? Certainly do not mind living in Lillestrøm with George Clooney 🙂 Maybe that’s why my Norwegian family do not bank with this bank, no such luck for them either 🙂 🙂


Thu: hopefully this is it with shopping – realistically NOT! Tried to cheer myself up with La La Land****(one of my favourtie phrases!!), but you do have to be in the right frame of mind to watch it.  A story of an aspiring actress and a dedicated jazz musician, who are struggling to make ends meet. Set in LA modern day, this musical is about everyday life exploring the joys and pains of pursuing your dreams…

Visited Steven@SGH and that certainly did not put me in the right frame of mind 🙁