It’s Getting To Look

22 Dec 2016 – And Feel A Lot Like Christmas

Wed: got a hair-cut recently and for S$5. The stylist was afraid to thin out the thick hair in fear of them sticking out all over! Told him it will be OK as this weather here is not particular for a head full of hair and for that price, there are no complains or much stick-outs! Finally it takes no time to dry after a wash nowadays!


Thu: ευχαριστώ/efcharistó (Greek) to cousin Yeng and her family for taking time to catch up. The last time we met was in 2008, Vancouver/Canada. JieQing was then 12 and now she has grown into a fine 21yrs young lady. ZhaoMing is a fantastic dad and a wonderful husband. The ceiling@Toast-Box in Shaw House has an interesting ceiling and we had fun playing 5stones.


Cousin Cheng&HengHuat are also back in SIN for the holidays. Much respect and admiration for 13Uncle who is 90 – still driving safely, working and taking care of 13Aunt who is wheelchaired-bound. Have managed to capture some pix of Branch13.


img_3389More last minute shopping@Orchard Rd. Expected a worse crowd, but was pleasantly surprised that it was not too bad. Perhaps many ppl are away for the holidays. The tree in Takashimaya never fails to bedazzle me. Like the recycled bottle-tree@the Market Place in Paragon.

Now that I have figured out what to do for the corks, next will be the bottles 🙂


Getting ready to start chopping up fruits for a fruit cocktail dessert at CC tomorrow night. Looking forward to seeing everybody.

Condolences to Adrian and his family for the passing of his mother. And to Mario for the passing of his sister. May they RIP. Prayers and thoughts are with them this holiday.


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