12 Jan 2017 – In Chinatown


Mon: waiting for a delivery from FedEx who is unable to pin down for morning or afternoon. As it is the delivery did not arrive until 1630hrs. On days like these and many others, playing the piano for the host of guardian angels and minions who are my greatest audience!


Headed into Chinatown late afternoon via KeongSaik Rd to take pix before and after the sunset. Stumbled upon some happenings at the Sri Layan Sithi Vinayagar Temple (1925).

The diversity of churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, etc where all can worship without fear of the differences is what makes SIN so unique. There are 10+places of worship just in Chinatown itself.


Hawker Chan of one-Michelin-starred Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle has new location with AC@Smith St – for S$4.50 it was OK. But certainly NOT worth the 30mins waiting in line. Personal preference for taste is still Chiew Kee@Upper Cross St.


Before sunset…


Let there be lights…


A Mon night and nearly 3weeks away from CNY in Chinatown thinking that it would be less crowded, but of course crowd is also relative but to me, this is a crowd! Hopefully crowds mean good business and sincerely do wish all vendors abundance business for the Year of the Rooster.


Tue: tkx to Suriati for catching up, milkshake@BugisMcD and for the best yummy pineapple tarts. Unfortunately she does not make them for sale as she used to. Good of Seb to spare an evening for reunion dinner@First Stop Food Junction/Queen St.

Wed: a busy morning starting with app at MtE, continuing to Takashimaya to pick up a book@Kinokuniya.


SIN Tourist Board to pick up info and this place has changed since the last visit – do not even remember when the last visit was, at least a decade ago?


There is even an eatery there now, but did not try it.


Thu: there are some interesting houses on Mountbatten Rd and have been trying to capture a decent pix of this sculpture when on bus196 double-decker. Somehow, either the bus is moving too fast, the windows are not clear or the weather does not cooperate! So far these are the best. Will keep trying! Tkx to sis Jo for dinner.


Footprints will disappear on earth, but seemingly not on the moon! I wonder if it is also such for other planets?

We walked on the moon. We made footprints somewhere no one else had ever made footprints, and unless someone comes and rubs them out, those footprints will be there forever because there’s no wind ― Frank Cottrell Boyce, Cosmic

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