Weekend Of Reunions

16 Jan 2017 – New Friends & Bday Celebrations

e01ecd44408a52b7d7b6537766fd224dFri: if you are unable to pronounce or spell Paraskevidekatriaphobics, then you are safe 🙂 TGIF this Fri 13th and do not let superstitions and old wives tales cross and affect your life journey. Have a wonderful weekend.

Learnt another acronym, tkx to Lucy –  The current hip phrase for these never ending inexplicable events in life is VUCA or vulnerable unexpected complex ambiguous.


Sat: welcome Sara, Anders and their lovely baby from Norway to SIN. They will be here for the next 6months and hope that their stay and experiences will be good. Introduced them to the bus & MRT system, but could only handle the CBD on a weekend – LauPaSat and MBFC/LeVeL33 are quiet places where you can at least hear yourself!


Appreciations for reunion dinner at Daisy. Hotpots/steamboats, like fondue where you cook your own food is popular for reunions. The soup at the end is my favourite part of the meal.


Tkx Daisy for all the Disney gifts. Have been wanting one of these pocket-watch since I read Alice in Wonderland.


Sun: Happy Bdays to Angie, Joshua and me! How is one supposed to feel when 67 hits you??? Flashback pix from 1950 with mother in SIN, 1984 with L&M in Norway, 2014 with my immediate family in US, grandchildren ranging from ages 5-15.


Thank you for these calendars which are what I always want when asked by L&M for a wish-list! 2002/1st grandchild, Katy; 2011/6th and the youngest grandchild Olai.

Everything happens kind of the way it’s supposed to happen, and we just watch it unfold. And you can’t control it. Looking back, you can’t say, ‘I should’ve… ‘ You didn’t, and had you, the outcome would have been different – Rick Rubin

Tkx to Lee&Adeline and SunSun for surprise-lunch and cakes. So thoughtful of them to remember. Made my day.


Dinner@Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck*****Asia Square. Perfect location at the MBFC/CBD where there are NO crowds. Appreciations to family who knows me so well 🙂 The duck and duck noddles were yummy (even enough to doggy-bag for a lunch the next day) and the Bamboo clam was excellent.


1st Lo-Hei before the Rooster crows its presence! Thank you to all my guardian angels – am truly blessed for a life with constant celebrations, giving thanks to everyone and everything crossing life journey.

After all, tomorrow is another day – Margaret Mitchell/Gone with the Wind

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