18 Jan 2017 – As To Pianist 

Mon:  a thousand thanks/tusen takk for all the Bday wishes. Am totally blessed and overwhelmed by the kind words from thoughtful family&friends all over the world, flashing back many fond memories from each and every one of them.

img_3908Tkx to Jo for dinner. Waiting for the bus and contemplating on a scoop of ice-cream but decided that S$5 was not worth it – the free scoop was only if you buy a meal!

The heart will probably stop if I do not change my eating habits. The signs and warnings are already there – no fear or worries about death, it is how one dies which is a concern. Having witnessed mother who died a painful death from cancer; father who had a stroke and then survived over a decade in depression after his stroke.

‘Pensjonist 🍾🌺hvert år er fantastisk 😍’. 67 is also the age when one can officially retire and collect pension in Norway! Agree with my first Norwegian girlfriend Kari about being a pensionist.


Tue: good to be able to introduce Carmel to Glory where my favourite popiah&chendoh are served. Forgetting that the CNY preparations are in process, thus no popiah&chendoh served until the CNY celebrations are over. Apologies Carmel, will go there again when I get back from Norway. No problems as I also enjoy their Nasi Padang.

img_3850Continued to the PostO@ParkwayP to mail Bday gifts to Ellie&Linn. S$4 for surface-mail is affordable but will take anytime from 1-2months! Making a note of the date being sent to check when they will get to their destination.

To MtE collecting package and medical reports. Yeah, bus-fares are lowered 1-7cents.


15966172_10154486249936971_8883899058439915649_nWed: Happy Birthday dear grandniece SunSun. Returned to Glory to get some CNY cookies (Suji and Almond cookies) to pack to Norway – no, not pineapple tarts! The best ones are by Suriati (Yulis mom), and yes I have tested the ones in Glory+many others.

Another good ones are from SC Sia’s friend in KCH. Will keep on tasting to see if any others can measure up to them. Have requested for pix to edit and update here.


Yesterday and today are not Fri 13! but what bad luck for these ppl driving. Carmel got a warning for punching in the wrong time in her parking coupon, and today an accident happens right in front of me. Walking from GloryEastCoastRd to JooChiat Rd junction, happily snapping pix and stopping at a side-road (opp I12) to look out for traffic before crossing…


whamm-bang – this poor delivery guy was sitting on the sidewalk holding on to his leg and the driver got out of the car. Approached him to ask if he was hurt and if an ambulance or the police should be summoned. Others too came to see if they could help. They settled among themselves and I provided them my contact in case a witness is needed.

img_3945Continued to my bus-stop on JoChiatRd. Saw the police car from the bus-stop while waiting, so things were under control. These trucks are just parked on this narrow street and if I can recall, I wrote in 2014 voicing my concerns about the traffic in this area.

Am NOT going out the next few days.

The ideal man bears the accidents of life with dignity and grace, making the best of circumstances – Aristotle

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