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22 Jan 2017 –  Happy 15Bday To 1stGrandchild, Katy


Thu: tkx to Gel for being so thoughtful, bringing my favourite Beach Road Prawn Noodles (East Coast) to celebrate a belated Bday lunch. Nice to stay in the comforts of ones own surroundings, chatting away on a wet afternoon. Told her about the accident yesterday and decided to file a report at MP Neighbourhood Police Station.


Living in public housing has many advantages – just a stone-throw way, ie less than 5mins walk is the CC/library, police station, future MRT station,


food-court, wet market – usually there before 0600hrs with just a handful of people, thus, no need to be in line for eating or shopping.


There is a PCF Kindergarten (ground-floor of Blk46) and many desirable schools (across the roads). Disadvantage – heavy traffic when schools start and end. If necessary to take the bus around those times, will walk a bus-stop further (depending on the direction heading), towards the CC or towards St Patrick School on MP Rd.

Tkx for dinner at Jo’s.


Fri: TGIF from SIN. On this eve (writing in SIN time) of the inauguration of the 45th US President, memories of Ronald Reagan who was then the 40th US President when we moved to CA/USA in 1985.

Our first time then in the US/Mickey&Donald LaLaLand with the Puddeys visiting. Only in the USA where a movie star and an apprentice can become President! Have been told time and again that sarcasm is not the highest form of wit, but sometimes wit and joke can cross the line and depending on your frame of mind to take it as the former or latter 🙂 Those who know me well also know that I am not witty, so must be a joke – lol 🙂



Sat: with the CNY less than a week away, fun to see ppl out getting flowers, foods, etc for reunion dinners and the CNY celebrations. Abundance of beautiful colourful plants with flowers and or fruits are such a feast to the eyes. Made an exception to be there after 0700hrs to take pix of the festive crowds but not to shop!


Thanks to Calvin, Staff&Friends@CC for a yummy ‘brain storming 🙂evening’, to Roy our wonderful chef, to Yoshie for the best sake made by her family from glutinous rice&fresh spring water in the Japanese mountains. Do not usually drink much sake, but this was too good to pass – definitely had more than a few cups and a good sake does not give hang-overs or headaches 🙂


Sun: to my dearest first grandchild Katy-bug, SIN is 13hrs ahead of you, thus an early greeting. Happy 15Bday and thinking of her with some pix from OK2002, SC2005 and SC2016 to remind me of how the years have gone by so quickly.

img_4058img_4061When Linn was 15 in 1989, we were living in FL/USA and that was the Bday I dropped her Bday cake – for real. Thank goodness we could just zip to then ‘Goodings’ around the corner and Abracadabra…

When I was 15 in 1965, I was sent off to boarding school on my own, flying from SIN to Dublin/Ireland with a short lay-over in London.


Happy early Bday (1day early, as I will be flying off tomorrow) to Yoshie. Introduced her to our neighbourhood food-joint@MT. Tkx for dropping by for the taste of her family’s jasmine tea cookie and to Audrey (who stumbled upon us!) for the rojak.


Tkx for dinner to Jo. Celebrated by sharing 4different slices of cakes (Tiramisu, StrawberryShotcake, Chocolate and Hazelnut, all good) from Rive Gauche Patisserie@I12**** This is the seldom time I could actually taste the coffee, brandy and Mascarpone here. Mike prefers the Bengawan Solo Ongoi Ubi. His nephew made these pineapple tarts and are still not up to my taste buds. The filling is good but the pastry lacks the umph…


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