Fallen Trees

16 Feb 2017 – Character From Trees
Mon: a day of unpacking and getting stuff back in place! Weather has so far been comfortably breezy – very pleasant. Windows and doors all opened wide to air the place after being closed for 3weeks.

Unfortunately too windy for some trees which have fallen and have caused one fatality and injuries. Pix downloaded from the links below.






Tue: Happy Hearts Day to all celebrating. Be good and kind to yourselves and to each other, not just today but everyday! Muslim nations like Indonesia, Pakistan, W Java have banned their ppl from celebrating Valentine’s Day because they believe the observance runs against Islamic teachings – it would be against any decent teachings if this day is celebrated according to the original pagan ways.



Origins of Valentine’s Day is a pagan festival, Rome’s Lupercalia – a festival of sexual license with rather barbaric gross rituals and not the least bit romantic. Thank goodness today’s Valentine’s Day celebration is not anything like that – hopefully!



Tkx to Gel for good company. The breeze outside is perfect for hammock time. No worries, takes only a second to unhook it, so am not blocking anyone.


Wed: what a day – out of my place by 0710hrs in heavy rains and traffic to catch the bus to MtE. Good news, no more Afib on ECG and hope that it will be this kind of results all the time! Continued to catch the MRT@RafflesCity and bus connecting to Nanyang Technological U. Stumbled on the 50th War Memorial Service commemorating those who died during Japanese Occupation.



Tkx for an entertaining afternoon of Funk, Salsa & Swing from Simplicius & his jazz group@NTU. Keep your eyes and ears open for this delightful young talented flautist – Rit Xu.


Nice to catch up with PatChee and to discover that Pat’s relatives are related to a class-mate@Alexandra School & College in my Dublin days, mid-1960s and have not seen her since after we left Dublin. Small world, would be fun to catch up with Kathleen Low again someday. She lives in Penang/Malaysia and is also a grandmother now.


Took time to check out The Hive, nicknamed the dim sum basket building on this campus, designed by UK designer Thomas Heatherwick, the man behind the London Olympic Cauldron. Since it is located at the completely opp end (West) to where I live, would not have taken the extra energy or time to just check out a building. Like this unique building, glad that I made time for it.


What a nice ambiance to be studying from at the top floor with a view in fresh air. Lucky students! Just walking around here makes me want to go back to school!



Restroom signs are Uniquely SIN, looking like the Hangman Game 🙂 staircase has lovely creepers to keep the sun out and other floors are lecture rooms.


By the time I got back to the East, it was past 1900hrs, was totally exhausted with a headache – ouch, reminder of age and condition. Bus, MRT and bus again took 2+hrs, including waiting and changing from stations to stations. No to studying at NTU, not even if I had a car. Do recall helping with a project there many moons ago (must be over a decade!) and had to give it up after some months bc of the communication time.