31 Aug 2016 – Møsvann, Telemark


Sat: sooo sad reading about the reindeer and as it is, am not feeling my usual self, am working hard to get out of this mood. Some concerns as May&fam are around that area now. Used to spent most summers there when living in Norway. Even my first summer job (1969) in Norway@Skinnarbu hoyfjellshotell was here. 3above pix downloaded. Many coloured slides from this area over the years are stored in SIN, and again that was another lifetime ago, afterall even a cat has 9lifes 🙂



2above pix credits to May. According to Cathrine, L&M paternal auntie – completely sickening,  it’s in our neighbour’s terrian. We can see them with the binoculars.


Somehow was thinking about this area lately and probably because the bus-ride and Trolltunga is in the Hardanger region. When the bus drove thru’ Åmot, we also drove by a man-made Vinje kyrkje in Telemark. Managed to capture a quick shot as thoughts drifted to the natural Vinje kyrkje in Møsvann (2010), pix credit to Linn


Today the weather is perfect to get the hiking gears cleaned and dried before putting them away. The sunrise is absolutely stunning by the bedroom window and the herbs are growing well by the kitchen window.

Sun: thank you for that perfect day yesterday and today a perfect grey day for stuff to get re-organized and put away. Trying to read but keep dosing off, so must really need that rest.


Mon: how delightful it is to be able to just go to the garden and pick a cup of sweet yummy blueberries for breakfast and then a couple of fresh tomatoes for the omelet. Ah, the sweet simple things in life are the best! And if you want a beautiful rose on your breakfast tray, no problems, but I think the rose should stay and wait for Olai.


From CAE, SC, USA – good job to Linn for ranking #10 in SC state for masters women! Now starts the XC season for Linn, the coach & Katy, the high-school runner. Looking forward to a promising season. Way to go to #1 and team captain.



Tue: Henie Onstad Kunstsenter featuring Nikolai Astrup (1880-1928), tkx Kirsten for being her guest here.


Have known of his mid-summer fires and the tree-stump subjects, but his collection here today is impressive and have become an admirer.


Although well-known in Norway, Astrup is little-known in the rest of the world. The first exhibition of his work outside of Norway took place earlier this year@Duwich Picture Gallery, London.


Displayed 90+ oil paintings and prints, including works from private collections never exhibited before. Coincidentally, today would have been his birthday.



IMG_1057Nice to catch up with Geir too. Fun exchanging summer fishing tales over another fish dinner! Seems like a good ‘fungus’ year up in the mountains too.

This new horrible eeky brown snail (new to me as they did not exist when I lived here) has been and still is a real menace and pest in the area the past few years.


Kolsås is the end station of the Kolsås Line on the Oslo Metro, this station closed for many years under construction and has gone thru’ great changes since my Kolsås days in the early 1980s.

Wed: goodbye Aug and one can nearly feel in the air that fall is just around the corner.

By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest ― Confucius

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