16 Aug 2016 – From Joseph Schooling


Sat: way to go Joseph Schooling for bringing in the first Olympic gold for SIN. You have made all SIN proud. Congratulations. And a big thank you to his parents, family and friends for the support they have given him to reach that gold. Pix credit to CNA.


A beautiful day with #6 to enjoy a full tent at Dyrene i Hakkebakkeskogen-The Animals in HakkebakkeWoods where Mikkel Rev/Mikkel fox did a great job with his part at the tent by The Monolith Plateau@Frognerparken.


Free seating – the line to get in was long but nobody really mind as the weather was glorious, and fortunately we were early enough to get good seats. ‘Sold Out Today’. The heat was uncomfortable in a full tent with spotlights. We left at intermission as it was getting to feel like a sauna inside the tent. 


Took a lovely walk and had our packed lunch watching life goes by with people just enjoying this wonderful weather. A park with 45 hectares is a well known picnic area, popular in the summer for sunbathing, games and relaxation with naked bronze and granite sculptures 🙂 No matter how crowded it is, I can always find a quiet and peaceful spot far-far away from this maddening crowds, especially now when it is so popular with the PRC tourists.


Sun: O wanted this pix of the bird helping itself on his cherry-tree.  He told e that he did not mind them helping themselves to the cherries, what he did not  like is when they help themselves to the eggs of the other birds’ nests. A nice trip out to Nesøya to visit with Ellen. Catherine and one of her girls were also there. Great to catch up with them all. Pleasant drive back comparing with the traffic and weather to Fri! Lovely sunset with the background of the ski-jump.


Mon: a neighbour and a good friend, Torill from once upon a time in mushroom land 🙂 Piggsoppgrenda! meeting up 30+yrs later in the wonderland (without Alice, but never too late!) OSL on a glorious day.


Thanks for company@Steamen***been awhile since I last set my foot in that location – Hotel Continental’s sidewalk cafe in Olav V gate where one sits and watch life goes by on a good weather-day. Appreciation for taking time to catch up on your way to the airport. Congratulations with an adorable granddaughter and welcome Thomas&Synnøve to parenthood.


Another glorious day for a long walk-about with a bunch of Kodak moments when the sky is such. Along Karl Johan Gate towards the castle and Grand Hotel.


A newly renovated Michael Kors


New public restrooms, Spikersuppa – the fountain in the heart of town which turns to a skating rink in the winters, and the Nationaltheatret


My favourtie, TheatercafĂ©en is part of the Hotel Continental – the meeting point for influential members of the Norwegian art and culture scene. Starting from 1924, portraits of well-known guests were made and placed on the walls of the restaurant. The tradition has continued, and the collection now contains 81 portraits of authors, actors, painters, photographers, musicians, and composers, all former or current patrons of the house.he restaurant is listed on the New York Times list of the world’s most famous Vienna-styled cafes. The restaurant, with is characteristic ambiance, is still a gathering place for artists, as well as many members of the business and finance community.


This street comes to life when the sky is blue!