So Long For Now SIN

1 Aug 2016 – Tkx To All For Taking Time To Catch Up

Fri: TGIF and a busy one. Tkx to Hong for Laksa lunch@Tanglin Club. For my overseas reader, it is sensible to have a bib when eating laksa, the spices used in the gravy stains, so use your imagination as to what can happen when eating wet noddles with chopsticks 🙂 Richard had a late breakfast and needed a Margarita to cool down!


Great to catch up with Richard&Judy visiting from AUS – safe journeys back. A pleasure to meet Josephine, SIN Peranakan writer. With Kinokuniya@Orchard (my favourite bookshop in SIN) in the neighbourhood, just had to get it for my trip, starting with Kampong Spirit – the winner of the SIN Lit Prize 2014. Of course when in a bookshop, one book is never enough. Saw this by Erica Jong beginning of the year but did not get it then. Liked her Fear of Flying and now with an intrigue title like Fear of Dying, have to read it. Hope to mange to read these 2 books on this trip.

orchardcafes-Pattieswiches4-800x600staticmappix&map downloaded

IMG_0408IMG_0409Happy Anniversary to Yoshie – nice chat over a cuppa@Patties&Wiches, one floor above Kino. Mt Fuji, a different interpretation on the Mont Blanc with chocolate sponge inter-layered with chestnuts, light and superb. Chef Yamashita seldom disappoints with his delicate take on Japanese pastries.Must remember to take a jacket or shawl if I do go again…


Tkx to Clem for family dinner@Chang’s Korean Charcoal BBQ/Dempsey****to celebrate his new job.


Tasty and tender meat because they use charcoal, rather than electric or gas. Decent servings of side dishes.


Sat:  patriotic sighting on my way to dinner – National Day rehearsals!


13782218_10153610192587657_9160354827773763646_nAppreciations to PT for dinner last night and good to catch up with Juliana and Jonathan (PT’s nephew who teaches at UF). After meeting and talking to Christoph Schuck from Germany & Paola Caselli from Italy, am seeing a dim light on the future 7,000km E1 long-distance walk.

Congratulations to Eriko Oghihara-Schuck who after a two-year search into the life and demise of forgotten SIN poet, Teo Poh Leng, has re-published FMSR (1935).


Sun: congratulations to Zai for the marriage of her son Hariz to A’tugah. What a handsome couple and a lovely wedding. Wishing the newly-weds all the best.


Yummy Malay food and the Soto Ayam (chicken soup) was delicious.


Fort Canning Park is such a lovely place to hold a reception. When I was working in H&H, we did their brochure. Now modified but still using similar map done by Chan. Is it possible that the groom is now a pilot for QatarAir??



Nice to see H&H staff, new and former+families. Sophie is now a cutie age 2+. Appreciations to Aileen&Alan for the ride.


Mon: here we go again SIN-DOH-OSL flying time 14+hrs and layover time in DOH just under 2hrs. Let’s hope no delays from SIN. Strangely people thing I like flying and I tell them that it is not the case, but if I do not do so I do not get to see my children and grandchildren! QatarAir was offering the best deal, otherwise it would not have been my choice!!

2 Aug – Happy Bday Claire

4 Aug – Happy Bday Candice Tay

5 Aug – Happy Bday LAM ChengEn

9 Aug – Happy 50th Bday SIN

10 Aug – Happy Bday LAM JenWee

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