4 Aug 2016 – Back To Viking Land via The Desert!


Mon: total flying time was 14+hrs with just under 2hrs layover at DOH at the new Hamad International Airport US$ 764 S$1,026. 2yrs ago was at the old airport and was bus out to the planes then.


Was assuming that with the new airport, jet bridges to the planes and would not have to be bus out, but still had to be bus to the planes. Uneventful on schedules flights and if the memory is still good, replied to a constructive feed-back about their service and toilets for 2014 on Qatar. Now with their new planes, the toilets are cleaner and the trash not stuffed over the brim!

2012 was probably my first on Qatar when SIN-DOH-OSL-DOH-SIN was S$770RT compared to today S$1,026!


Arr OSL on schedule but the the line for the passport control was nearly 2hrs wait 🙁 Then to discovered trains including Airport Express Train (Flytoget) are shut down this week in connection with construction of the new Follo line. Finally happily safe & sound with the family after a beautiful bus ride NOK100 S$16. Tkx May for meeting me at the Oslo bussterminal All that just happened at Gardermoen have passed upon seeing and getting a hug from Olai 🙂

Was more than a zombie by 2000hrs but struggled to stay another hour before crashing.


Tue: woke up to a glorious morning in M&B new house. Headed into town after dropping Olai to his daycare.



Had to run errands and did so by foot so that I can update pix at different angles and surely to new discovery in town while being sent on a wild-goose to the various NAV offices!! No problems when the weather is just perfect for walking. Must have walked for about 6hrs today and loving it.



Wed: a day in paradise with youngest grandchild #6, Olai at the playgrounds where we had our picnic lunch out in this fantastic weather.


Lego building session for the later afternoon. Thank you May for letting me have him for a day and for getting to know him better.

I think Legos are one of the best toys ever developed. While Legos are sold in kits in order to build specific things, there [are] very few people who leave their Legoss in those kits. It very rapidly becomes an open system where you can build whatever you want. That’s the one thing that signifies my entire life and my career. I learned at an early age that I could make the things that I wanted. That’s a very powerful thing to realize as a kid. Legos were a key part of that – Jamie Hyneman