Qatar Airways 2014

9 May 2014 – DOH & SIN Airports


DOH/Qatar, where one is bus to the flight. Interesting views of the surroundings on this 15mins ride. Disappointed with hygiene issue on Qatar Airways ( in spite of their top rankings and ratings). Perhaps the cabin crew are not trained for this but should be. QR728 PHL-DOH/12hrs where the toilet’s trash-bin was overflowed to the floor and cabin-crew will not take trash when they are walking down the aisle empty-handed ( the trash was packed away in a plastic bag). Wrote a remark to Qatar Airways about this! Otherwise OK service, on schedule and no missing flights… 🙂



SIN airport certainly deserves the top rankings and ratings in this world. All pix of SIN airport – T1, 2 & 3 are downloaded from various sites. SIA is still one of the best even though it has been awhile ago since I could afford flying on them…


What does it say when this was in the mail-box upon returning? First have been told by doctors that masks like these are of no help, so what are we supposed to stay prepared for?? The package states to ‘keep this in a safe place, in case of flu or haze’  with wearing instructions! Welcome back to SIN. They certainly deserve an A+ for trying… 🙂 🙂

2014-SC (2)2014-SC (1)Appalachian Trail/AT in 2005 and 9yrs later at the Top of Carolina/SC with John/MoFo, AT hiking buddy. Thanks for crossing paths. Enjoy and a safe 335m hike ahead, quite envious! Hiking and camping are not possible this year 🙁


Treats from SC/USA and the best is this miniature whisky bottle with a lovely plantation label and a bag to go with it. Definitely worth the price US$1.79. If only SIN can do similar with the ‘SIN Sling’ at the same cost, they would be perfect gifts…


Thank you Richard for this photo-shop – 歡呼 cheers, jamas, prost, salute, slainte, skål to my future profile pix with this quote added… 🙂 🙂 🙂

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