Nasi Ulam

29 May 2014 – Food Food Food

Usually avoid going out in the weekends and last weekend was no exception – the only exceptions are if there are family gatherings! Sat & Sun: marketing early before sunrise and made a large pot of soup. Trips to the library around dinner time to catch up with loan of books and newspaper readings in a comfortable cool reading environment.

Mon early mornings are the best time for errands like banking and post office; late morning for department stores, malls and movies.

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Tue: why is Nasi Ulam not known to me? It is delicious. Discovered it at Pera Makan****Tangs Market and Food Court located in the basement. The old-timers might remember the CK Tang in the 1950s, now they even have their own brand of canned food.


Might try the Petaling St KL Hokkien Mee another time – was told that it was over cooked by those eating there. A cup of coffee and some kaya toast at Ya Kun****never disappoint.

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Appreciations to KK, PP and H&H (Aileen. Aisha & Ray) for gifts and it is not even my birthday. Margaret River Dark and Coffee Chocolate is out of this world and only available in Perth and the Margaret River in Australia. Thanks to PP for carrying them all the way. The beautiful  printed card of SIN National Flower, the Vanda Miss Joaquim/卓錦萬代蘭 is painted by Peggy Tan (MD of H&H), and you can purchase them thru’ H&H (Island Republic) or RISIS shop at SBG.


Wed: was at Plaza SIN to buy some sewing stuff and to my surprise there was NO line at Tim Ho Wan****where people were in lines for hours when it first opened in Apr 2013. Decided to try their dim-sum which is of Michelin standard. Many have told me that it is only OK, but just had to try for myself, and they are more than OK. Will certainly eat there again as long as there are no lines 🙂

Food glorious food – life would be so boring if we eat only to live! Good food makes eating experiences enjoyable and eat we all have to do…

US actor Bill Murray arrives for the scrAn interesting and good advice from Bill Murray on travel and love – Michelle, a tour consultant suggested this:  Wanna Get Married? Book a yr long vacation 1st!! My comment: offer remote and off the beaten paths itineraries. Sure way to discover if you are still in love after a year and more affordable than divorce 🙂 🙂

Love is like a pineapple; Sweet and undefinable – Piet Hein