7 May 2014 – On US and Qatar Air


Sun: another beautiful day and the family was at church and later swimming. Time has gone by too quickly. The Sunrise Cactus, pre-bloom, full-bloom and now post-bloom, telling me that it is time to pack and move on. Blessed to have had a family reunion, road-trip, Boston Marathon and glad to see that everybody is well and thriving.



Thank you Linn for a yummy dinner, She-Crab Soup, Meat Loaf and Key-Lime Key at Liberty Tap Room on the Lake**** Excellent choice of location for a sunset dinner and until we meet again, take good care of yourself.


Mon: appreciations to Linn for driving me to the airport before her 0530hrs run. CAE airport is nice, clean and not busy; CAE-PHL-DOH-SIN is the route. It is not often that both layovers at PHL and DOH were only 1+hr. Appreciations to Lock & family, Linn & family, May & family and to US friends for a most memorable family reunion. Safe & sound in SIN after countless of unmemorable meals and movies! 23hrs in flight and 4 airports.


It is no wonder that SIN has won the best airport award for many years running and really well-deserved. Always grateful to land at Changi Airport after passing thru’ all the others. Not because of being bias but because SIN is the only airport that delays do not bother me and would even choose to be there way ahead of time.

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Arrived into SIN on schedule Tue 1930hrs and was wondering why it was not brighter when on the bus. Again thinking it was morning, decided to stand with the luggage as it would be rush-hour when bus 36 hits MP Rd. Took a few minutes to realize that it was evening! That is what aging with the combination of jet-lag does to one 🙂

Parting is such sweet sorrow,
That I shall say good night till it be morrow – Shakespeare