Happy 51st Bday SIN

9 Aug 2016 – A Garden Party!


Sun: Olai’s stolen bicycle (red, taken 2015) is now replaced with another one bought 2nd-hand in good condition and light-weight. Will have to get him new accessories for his Bday. Such a coincident and a small world, the ex-owner of that bicycle is Torill’s grandson, Rasmus’s son!!!


Happy Bday to the neighbour’s kid Nora, a garden party in an idyllic fairy-tale setting – even the rains did not seemed to dampen the spirits and moods.


If you are lucky, Olai might show you where the mouse-hole is…


A variety of berries, fruits, flowers, herbs and vegetation can be found in this backyard.


Refreshing evening walk to visit with the Hustads – always such a pleasure to catch up with them. Good Spanish red wine and yummy cheese w the best ham to go with our evening. Appreciations for their continuing friendship which goes back to our Tromsø days when Linn & OleK were in daycare together!

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2011Katy is back on track (after a season with injuries 🙁 ) placing 2nd for her age group in this race. Way to go my #1. And she will be starting High School this month and again the feeling of how could this be???

Pix of #1&2 5yrs ago at the same race!

Race pix credits to Linn.


Mon: Olai started in a new daycare today. This was funny as M&B were rather concerned as how he would adjust to the new place. B had a chuckle that O was not the least bit upset after delivering him! Some kid was having a Bday and there Popsicle were served after lunch . O had voiced that he did not wished to be picked up until after the Popsicle –  good that the kid has his priorities in the right place 🙂 Will be sticking around nearby in-case of any issues, but very unlikely. Good start.


Tue: Happy 51st Bday to SIN. The first, probably last and only time at a NDP was in 2014 when also coincidentally in SIN. Had the feeling that it would have been LKY’s last NDP and wanted to show my respects by saluting him just one time. Went in full patriotic gears and received some stares from the locals around, interviews from the media, even thought that was not my intentions! Must have started a trend, saw that more people are willing to be more patriotically dressed and equipped last year, hope that the trend will be such this year too! Much more fun to be with it and live fully for every moment 🙂


Greetings from OSL to SIN. To all in SIN and to those celebrating, enjoy the holiday and be safe. Heard from Gel that there is small groups of our soldiers patrolling in Marine Parade with rifles!

Through consciousness, our minds have the power to change our planet and ourselves. It is time we heed the wisdom of the ancient indigenous people and channel our consciousness and spirit to tend the garden and not destroy it – Bruce Lipton