7 Aug 2016 = New Valley


Thu: peaceful day with a mixture of sun and rain. SIN celebrated a 50-yr relationship with USA. The White House State Dinner was decorated with yellow roses and Oncidium Golden Shower – yellow for Friendship. SIN PM LHL & Ho Ching were there to mark the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations.


Here in a charming yellow house, simple yellow flowers and many busy bees with the most adorable company that is more than just friendship! The color yellow is the color of the mind and the intellect!!


Fri: TGIF and another of these sun/rain day. Walked to Forskningsparken T-bane to catch the metro to Nydalen=New Valley, 2 stops away.

tunnel_of_light_1_sEscalator_Tunnel-of-Light_installation_Nydalen_Metro_Station_Oslo_Norway_201211172 pix downloaded

The Tunnel of Light is an artistic display of color and sound surrounding the escalator at the station. 1800 fluorescent lamps and 44 speakers are installed behind a layer of glass along the corridor, steadily changing color and mood. There are light and sound combinations for all seasons and all phases of life based on different experiences of travel in time and place.

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light – Plato


Had to fill in some forms and deliver some papers to be certified@NAV=welfare administration and was amazed that it took less than an hour, thus giving time to explore the area. Was fortunate with the weather.


BI Norwegian Business School campus has been relocated here from Sandvika since 2005.


Interesting contrast of old and new.


A beautiful day for a picnic lunch and a cup of hot chocolate (had that in the backpack in-case there was a line at NAV, also too expensive to keep eating out too often!) by Akerselva=Akers River.


Sat: a few moments of quiet screen time while the parents are sleeping in…


Lunched at Bicks****excellent duck salad with fresh apple juice – Norway does have the best apple juice in the world. Olai had a cookie and a cup of warm milk, total NOK272 S$43. In addition to the green wooden chair bought for NOK450 S$72.


Some Kodak moments of mother and child enjoying the rains and puddles.


Strange weathers with rains like tropical storms causing chaos and floods on the roads. Had to run some errands and made the best of it while Olai was in 7thHeaven with cakes and goodies at a Bday party 🙂


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