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8 Mar 2015 – Are Amazing


Fri: Chinese classes are encouraging me to want to learn more. Broke down and bought this book (cover with the character ‘fire’) even when there is no more space in the book shelves and I usually borrow from the library. Had better get back to some basic Chinese now that Katy is learning Chinese so that I can communicate with her.

Using the character ‘woman’ and see the logic when you combine these characters with another – this is so neat!

Pick Monkey Mon[1]女  nǚ = woman

好  hǎo = good/adding the character child next to woman

安 Ānn = peace/a roof over 1 woman

女女 nuan = quarrel/2 women together

姦 jian = adultery/3 women together

This coming Sun is International Women’s Day, a good time to review these Chinese characters with woman compound!

If only these characters were taught as such during our school days, the interest to learn would have been there! But it is never too late even when it will take a longer time…

26f58d0e06_500x670_5980253fc8Song One****Franny is an archaeologist who is estranged from her family. She returns home when she heard that her brother is in a comatose state after an accident.

Her brother is an aspiring musician and in order to cheer him up, Franny tracks down his favourite musician…

Must admit that I only recognized ONE song of the music in this movie!


Appreciations to Nature Society SIN for hosting this interesting talk by William Boehn on Wild Life & Natural History of Glacier Bay Alaska. Last time at the NSS office was in 2008 when I gave a talk about the AT.



IMG_7600IMG_7602Delighted to see that one of the best HokkienMee stalls here in SIN is still around just across the road from NSS.

Some photographers were there taking pix of the satay stall next to the HokkienMee.

Must try that another time. To die with a T has kicked in now 🙁


Sat: a nice walk on Bukit Merah Rd. Delightful seats in the common area.


A building that will not escape the eyes! The former HBD Hub, now Connection One.


Beautiful trees


Experimenting with coffee ribs and made Tiramisu too since coffee is part of the ingredients for these dishes.


Chesper did not think much of the Japanese ready-made Party dessert! He had a couple of servings of my home-made Tiramisu in spite of him claiming that he is no fan of Tiramisu 🙂


Tkx for steamboat dinner Clem and safe journeys to Richard.

1532011_10152730267624142_5826261448767281381_nSun: International Women’s Day. Thank you RY for this cartoon. Agree fully and like it very much. A fantastic Sunday to all.

The smell of coffee cooking was a reason for growing up, because children were never allowed to have it and nothing haunted the nostrils all the way out to the barn as did the aroma of boiling coffee – Edna Lewis

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      Just about 3+weeks to your hike. Looking forward to connecting some where in NC, TN or VA!

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