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31 Mar 2015 – Onward SIN – Life Goes On


Will now try to follow the news with one of LKY grandsons, Li Shengwu, age 24 who has learned to speak and debate like his grandfather. So let’s hope he too is able to walk the talk like his grandfather…


Here is a good interview with Charlie Munger/U of MI. Worth watching where Charlie tells the audience to ‘study the life and works of LKY and you’re going to be flabbergasted’

Have neglected acknowledgements and other happenings for a week and now to pick up from the previous week.


Sat 22 Mar: belated Bday dinner for Sue. ‘Gravlaks’, salad and mushroom wile-rice pilaf since both of us are cutting down with the food!!


Sun 22 Mar: the sky opened up on my way to Les&Ivy. Thank you to Jessie&Frank for the 28+ingredients, the King of YuiSang/鱼生=raw fish which I miss out on in 2014. Somehow, this year’s pix are not good. The pic from 2013 are still the better ones


Details continue to emerge about the final moments of Germanwings Flight 9525. To kill oneself is suicide but to kill others is murder.



Sat 28 Mar: appreciations to Sue, Pat&David for Jo’s Bday lunch at Chui Huay Teochew Cuisine****my favourite place for their suckling piglet! Was first introduced to this venue a year ago by May&Albert. Thanks to Les&Ivy for good wines.


Forgot all about Earth Hour this year 🙁

Sun 29 Mar: tkx to Clem for having me over to view LKY’s State Funeral procession on his TV. Dinner at IKEA.

Non-personal pix are borrowed from different sites.