Former Kallang Airport

13 Mar 2015 – What Will It Be Next??

Fri: just one more Friday 13th to go thru’ for 2015 and that is in Nov.

This post is dedicated to the former Kallang Airport 加冷机 with hopes that this building will not be torn down and also for the lush green surroundings to remain in tact.

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During some of the bus-rides, noticed that the old gate pillars are still standing at the former Kallang Airport, built 1937. Childhood memories kept popping up everything time I pass by those gates!


The last time visiting this airport was in the 1950s. Found this old pix of myself but probably needs to be restored. Pix with building background is downloaded. 1st time I took a plane was from here – when? to where?? do not remember??? but do vaguely remember throwing-up!!


The main building still remains the same shape and facade but of course renovated and refurbished. Now Nicole Highway, then the runway for the planes. Closed as an airport in the mid 1950s and was later reopened as the HQ for the People’s Association until 2009. Today it still remains unoccupied!



Decided to take a walk on the grounds to take pix before everything disappear. Was so delighted to see the beautiful big trees and even some remains of an old wall.


It is difficult to believe or imagine that you are between 2 major roads – Nicole Highway and Kallang Rd when you are taking a stroll in certain parts of these grounds.



Across the road is the bus/car park with another big tree and here it must be a nice shade for everyone. And across the road again is the Kallang MRT Station. Seems like spring is in the air. Enjoy every moment of it as in SIN one never knows when they decide to fell another of these beautiful big trees…

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