15th CNY Day – Last Day Of The CNY Celebrations

5 Mar 2015 – Zuno, The Puppy!

Wed 14th CNY Day: shopping for a T-shirt and eating at my favourtie places in Chinatown. Tiong Shian Porridge 長城粥品****is my favourite raw fish and frogleg stall.


Almond & Sesame 杏仁芝麻 at Mei Heong Yuen Dessert 味香园甜品****This Snow Ice from Taiwan is a refreshing cold dessert that comes in thin smooth mouth-feel sheets that reminiscent fine powered snow. There are 18 flavours and hopefully can try all before it is over!

Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first – Ernestine Ulmer


IMG_0922[1]Camera 360 Also their black sesame and almond paste are yummy. Temple St is the first and original stall and the one preferred.

There are 2 other branch at Chinatown Point and ION@Orchard.

Stressed spelled backwards is desserts. Coincidence? I think not – ?

Not too interesting views on the way to the MP Polyclinics but only took 1hr (previous visit 2hrs) and was out with 4 different medications for 4 months S$11.40 ie with all the subsidies etc. Tkx to sis Jo for dinner


Does anyone know what is going to replace the Republic Theaters on Marine Parade Rd by Parkway? It is now nearly all torn down to ground zero! If only it could be the future MP MRT Station instead of the location on the map below. Oh how I dream, hope and wish…


According to this map, the new MP MRT station will be across the road from the HDB blocks and sadly it looks like we will lose some beautiful big trees on MP Rd, if this map is correct 🙁


Thu 15th CNY Day: last day of the CNY celebrations. 15th day of the 1st month in the Chinese lunar calendar, the end of the New Year celebrations and time to take down the decorations and take better care of the health! Happy Bday Gel, good to catch up. Take good care and safe journeys to Iceland.

2013021584903577TangYuan 湯圓 is a sweet glutinous rice ball eaten this day. After today the diet has to seriously kick in or I will be kick out. Death is inevitable but how to exit with dignity and least pain is most important…

Don’t dig your grave with your own knife and fork – English Proverb


Gator (2001-2013) lost to the house fire 1+yr/Sep2013 ago but never forgotten. 2011-12 Halloween pix of her.


Looks like they are now ready for another pet – Mizuno is the latest addition to the Halls. It’s a boy!! Introducing Zuno! Yes, Linn named their dog after her (Mizuno) running shoes and their tagline is – Never Settle!

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