Opera Viva Soiree

19 Dec 2012 – And the East Side…

The rains have been pelting down like there is no tomorrow the past few mornings, perfect snooze weather 🙂

Sun: another wedding but this is a Chinese one! An early popiah and mee siam breakfast@Glory with Ting & CH, Aya & KiWi.

Glad to discover that the new Katong I12/I one two! houses GV cinemas and this are the closest ones to me. Now will not have to leave the East Side where the best Tao Kwa Pau is located just across the road from I12, East Coast & Joo Chiat Rd a savory junction 🙂 🙂

The OperaViva Club is a family of music lovers, young and old, who already enjoy or wish to know more about opera also a new non-profit opera company with charity & IPC status, dedicated to the staging and promotion of Baroque and New Singaporean operas. Founded by LEOW Siak Fah, Chairman of city-state Management Group Holdings who is also the founder of Singapore Lyric Opera and Vocalist.

Appreciations to Juliana & Lucy for including me to their year-end function held at LSF’s private residence. More coincident, LSF’s niece Francesca is married to my nephew John LAM in KL.

And his house is located where Kenson’s childhood’s home was, a site with much fond memories from the 1950s! Thanks to Mr & Mrs LEOW for a delicious meesiam, receipt from his mother, the best home-made so far and for opening their beautiful home to the occasion. Tkx to other members for the pot-luck and to Eunice for giving me a ride to Pearl Bank.

To the benefits for my overseas readers, the following are food from SIN and can mainly be found in SIN & Malaysia:

Popiah:  a popiah skin/薄餅皮 is a soft, thin paper-like crepe or pancake made from wheat flour. Favoured and filled with a sweet sauce and optionally with hot chilli sauce before it is filled. The filling is mainly finely grated and steamed or stir-fried turnip known locally as bangkuang, which has been cooked with a combination of other ingredients. Other common variations of popiah include pork (lightly seasoned and stir-fried), shrimp or crab meat. As a fresh spring roll, the popiah skin itself is not fried.

Mee siam: which means ‘Siamese noodle’, is a dish of thin rice noodles in spicy, sweet and sour light gravy served with dried bean curd, boiled egg, and tamarind garnished with spring onions and chives. It is one of the popular one-dish meals in SIN.

Tao Kwa Pau: fried beancurd stuffed with minced meat, egg, fried yam, cucumber and coriander. Yummy…

If music be the food of love and the love of food the most sincere love, then music and food are the perfect loves 🙂 🙂 🙂

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