The Halls’ News by Katy HALL

20 Sep 2011 – Safe & Sound in Columbia/South Carolina

Sun: the traffic jam was terrible to get to LGA airport due to VIP (Obama etc) coming into NYC for meetings! Left 6th Ave at 1715hrs and was stuck in the town traffic for over an hour. Thank goodness Super Shuttle (US$19/S$24) usually estimates plenty of time to catch the 2035hrs flight. Uneventful 2hrs direct flight on Delta using 25,000 mileage of my Delta SkyMiles arriving CAE 2235hrs on time.

What a delightful way to be greeted this Mon morning, Katy & Ellie getting ready for school and Katy printed out The Halls’ News – note what Jeff was doing 🙂

Linn Hall’s mother, Amy Lam, is coming over!!!!! Her children, Katy, age 9, Ellie, age 6, John, age 4, Sophie, age 2, and probably James, age 0, are very excited. Ms. Amy Lam’s arrival is making Linn Hall have the family clean up. Linn Hall is cleaning the kitchen, Katy and Ellie are cleaning their rooms, the bathroom in Katy’s room, and did their laundry, and John is cleaning his room. Sophie and James took a nap. Jeff Hall, the father, read Calvin and Hobbes.


Fall is coming!!! The days are getting cooler!!! The 3rd weekend of September is very cool out. Katy Hall is very excited for the winter!!! She thinks some of her siblings agree. This winter, she says to herself, I really, really hope it snows!!! Let it snow!!!


Yay!!! On September 25th, James Magnus Hall will be baptized!!! The Halls are having people over after church, at Faith Presbyterian where James will be baptized by Pastor Karl McAllister.

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