A Baptism

26 Sep 2011 – James Magnus HALL

Sun: James was baptized at Faith Presbyterian Church, 1811 Dutch Fork Road, Ballentine by Pastor Karl McAllister. James was happily wide awake until the pastor carried him, then he fell asleep! The Hall family and close relatives occupied an entire pew with a full congregation during service! Except for Katy, baptized in 2002 in St Stephen’s Lutheran Church, the same church where L&J got married in Orlando/FL, the other 4 grandchildren are all baptized in FPC here in SC.

Appreciations to L&J for hosting a lovely luncheon at home packing the house with families and kids. Jeff gave a good speech as to how James Magnus got his name! Everyone seemed to have had a good time and it was nice to catch up with Rich, L&M’s stepdad. The last time we met was at L&J’s wedding, 14yrs ago!!

Babies are such a nice way to start people – Don Herrold