Business is Business

2 Sep 2011 – No Derogatory Intended, just LOL

Now that summer is officially over, and with official records that here for the Norway below the Arctic Circle it has been the wettest summer ever recorded and above in Northern Norway, one of the driest! Bye-bye summer 2011; hello autumn! Received this funny from Richard in SIN, tkx for sharing. Thought that my Chinese and Jewish friends might have a LOL out if it, made my day 🙂

A Chinese guy goes to a Jew to buy black bras, size 38. The Jew, known for his skills as a businessman, says that black bras are rare and that he is finding it very difficult to buy them from his suppliers. Therefore he has to charge $50.00 for them. The Chinese guy buys 25 pairs.

He returns a few days later and this time orders fifty.

The Jew tells him that they have become even harder to get and charges him $60.00 each.

The Chinese guy returns a month later and buys the Jew’s remaining stock of 50, and this time for $75.00 each.

The Jew is somewhat puzzled by the large demand for black size 38 bras and asks the Chinese guy… ‘please tell me – What do you do with all these black bras?’ The Chinese guy answers: ‘I cut them in half and sell them as skull caps to you Jews for $200.00 each.’

Business is Business

A wonderful weekend to all and enjoy no matter where ever you are,
who your are, Chinese, Jew or others
with or without bras
business or no business
cap or no cap
wet or dry