Neighbourhood Block Party

3 Sep 2011 – Grendefest

There are altogether 37 house in this neighbourhood and many who bought their houses when they were brand new from 1981 have moved on. Perhaps only a handful of 8-9 of us, the original owners are still here. More new faces and nice to see that it is still a clean and peaceful neighbourhood. So, this will be it for me as the house will be put on the market for sale May 2012.

Thanks and appreciations to the barnevognligaen/the pram League (ie the younger generation)in #15, 17 & 38 Piggsoppgrenda who have arranged this successful bring your own everything/BYO 30th anniversary party last night. Not everybody turned up but it was fun to meet old and new neighbours and their families.

The first block party was 17 May 1981 – when we all just moved into this brand new neighbourhood. It started to rain after the BBQ and many of the neighbours ended up dancing in my house. Those were the days when we were all so new that tents and inflatable were not in our agenda or budget!

Christian MOE is the eldest and has the most seniority, over 90yrs of age and one of the original owners, last house #46. His wife Babs was a friend who passed on in 2006. Glad that he took the energy and initiative to join the party. Even had his own box of wine and a glass he carried in his pocket! The neighbours who have been and still are friends, Mette & Sturla OLSEN my immediate neighbours #8 from 1981.

A successful block party takes a little motivation, a lot of cooperation, and a willingness to enjoy time with your neighbours –