Grandchild #6

6 Sep 2011 – Ullevål 

5 Sep 2011, 0631hrs #6 grandchild, a beautiful dark-hair boy arrived safely into the world at Ullevål universitetssykehus/Ullevaal University Hospital (1884), OSL/Norway weighing 2,942grams and  height, 47cms. Those figures are similar to both L&M when they were born. Mother and baby are well and the proud father survived the ordeal. Congratulations to M&B, welcome and good luck to parenthood!

The combination of May’s Bday (4 Sep) dinner and the champagne bubbles must have triggered off her contractions, LOL; she was driven to the hospital 03.30hrs and the birth was over by 06.35hrs. Bday, Labour Day and motherhood are quite a handful when they all happened within 24hrs 🙂

Coincidentally and interestingly that grandson#6 (name has yet to be confirmed but his last name is HALD-HERMANSENis born in the hospital where his paternal great-great-great grandfather Dr John Kløve HALD (1)/1842-1921 was the 1st director (1894-1911) and the longest director, 17yrs.  This hospital even has its own museum which opens for 2hrs on Tue & Thu.

A clever idea to have Ullevål Hotel next to the maternity ward today but 224yrs ago these were the buildings then…5. September 1887, four buildings for patients (272 beds) , a reception and economy building, stables for horses ambulance and mortuary were established. A consultant and two assistant doctors were then employed.ål_universitetssykehus

Located in this neighbourhood is Ullevål Stadion/Ulleaal Stadium (1926). It is the national football stadium. Besides being the home for national team Vålerenga, the Cup finals are also held here sitting app 25,500++ Surrounding the stadium are shops and there is even a hotel by the shops.