Fated To Meet

9 Sep 2011 – Dr John Kløve HALD (1)

Thu: a visit to the Museet Ullevål sykehus/Museum Ullevaal Hospital was productive. Wed, managed to get a print-out of a painting with the name Johan HALD, a face and dates which fit into what I have heard and seen from L&M’s paternal great-grand mother, Emma. Was confused, as the correct name should be John! The administrators claimed that it was the only HALD director in the records.

A destined meeting with Dr Stein HALVORSEN, retired consultant who was volunteering his time there. We chatted and I explained about the situation and inquire as to who Johan was. It turned out that Stein was a student of Dr John (2) and knew much about the family. Appreciations to him for showing me old pix of Dr John (1) & family and for his two patient hours guiding and telling the history of the director’s resident which is now a school, Kirkevien Videregående Skole/Kirke Rd High School

Stein has the authority to inform the administration of the mistaken name and that we did together. Fate brought us to the museum as he was supposed to be at another museum and I would not have been here if not for May. Hopefully the name will be corrected for the children and the grandchildren’s family history and heritage! At least I have done my part to the best as I know how.

Pix of L&M’s paternal great-great grandfather Dr John Kløve HALD’s (1) family, Dr John (2) and his pet dog when they lived in the director’s resident from 1894-1911. The barn and the stabburet/storehouse still exist but not in use.

Thank you Ingrid and Hans K & family for a lovely farewell dinner gathering. Grateful to them for taking time off their busy mid-week schedules.

There is a destiny that shapes our ends rough, hew them as we will – Frank Harris

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