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19 Jan 2011 – Housing Development Board/HDB

Yesterday Linn announced that she is will be making me a grandmother for the fifth time in Aug and that #5 will be her last!

This posting is for the benefit of May’s friend Bjørn who will be visiting SIN for the first time and will be staying here. The public housing/HDB in the Marine Parade MP/马林百列 area comprises 58 blocks and over 85% of SIN nearly 5mil pop live in HDB including this blogger! If interested for more info: Check posting. Neighbourhood 4 Mar 2010 & HDB 25 Oct 2010.

In many countries, public housing is a not so desirable location to live in but in SIN, it is not the case. Affordable, clean and safe plus public transportation, library, Community Centre and coffee shops/eating places are conveniently located in HDB built-up areas make them quite attractive. Only SIN citizens and PRs are permitted to purchase HDB and there are many regulations attached to them:

Pix to give non-SIN an idea of SIN public housing@Marine Crescent Gardens.

Bamboo plants outside the common area are permitted as long as they are kept clean, tidy and there is NO standing stagnant water anywhere. The fines are quite hefty if stagnant water is discovered outside or in inside the apartment at random check. Quite rightly so as to prevent dengue. Elevators are monitored with surveillance cameras. Post boxes have hinges one can put into action for unwelcoming junk. The mail-person access these boxes by a common locked opening from the back.

The common walkways are all covered to the bus-stop and if you know your way, you can practically walk to the library or the beach under covered walkways all the way (except at minor road crossings) in 5mins.

One of the many playgrounds and this one faces Marine Cres/Terrace.

Multi-storey car-park with a roof-top garden to provide more oxygen in this concrete jungle 🙂

Tao Nan School/TNS, one of SIN prestigious schools is located on Still Rd/MP Rd/Marine Cres which will soon be demolished to make way for bigger and taller buildings!

Across the road from TNS via the covered overhead pass is MPs Community Centre and the neighbourhood library located on MP Rd/Still Rd where you will find me if not in the apartment or by the beach 🙂 🙂

Perhaps no place in any community is so totally democratic as the town library. The only entrance requirement is interest – Lady Bird Johnson

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  1. Thanks Lucy… if Linn lived in SIN, she probably would NOT have any children 🙂

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