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13 Jan 2011 – The Island Syndrome

Yesterday Mica shared an interesting article on Facebook and here it is for people who read this blog. Thank you Mica for sharing and to cousin Yun and SebastianCHOW for their input and comments. Appreciations to GlennCONNLEY who so eloquently put it into words what is on the mind. Believe me, it is worth your time to read it.
Amy Lam via Mica Gwee

SIN – the rat-race in a pressure-cooker!

Singaporeans’ ridiculous urge to be number one all the time trumps many things, including one’s personal safety…
    • Sebastian Chow lol… he described everything to a tee…. and i just realized that i’m not a singaporean after all. hallelujah ~

    • Kah Yun Lam That is not the Singapore I left behind in the 60’s
    • Amy Lam SIN in the 60s was a different era where parents discipline their children…
    • Kah Yun Lam I am sure they were discipline ….. to be achievers… HaHa

      People in Singapore are suffering from “The island syndrome”according to one of our cousins
    • Sebastian Chow Don’t know about the island syndrome but moral education, social etiquette, and courtesy has gone down the drain since the 80s. Quite sad, really…
    • Amy Lam, Yun & Seb hit the elbow head! – achievers with minimum social etiquette, courtesy and grace, The Island Syndrome or Kiasu Curse! How sad, even sadder as they are not even aware of it!!