In Search of Sister Jo

23 Jan 2011 – A People Weekend!

Thank you for gifts and lovely lunch company Aileen, Alan, Yulis & Chiew. Had a pre-CNY lunch (deviled-eggs, pasta, roast chicken, salad and chocolate fondue) to meet up before visitors arrive and travels after visitors leave. As usual, too busy chatting, thus forgot to take people pix for Sat but it was only recently that we were all at Yulis & Chiew’s wedding with people pix of us all in that posting!

Simple CNY decorations are now in place to welcome May & Bjørn!

Today, received a surprise call from AmyR requesting to help Brian locate Sister Jo from the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus/CHIJ orphanage. After taking a walk to a house behind the Katong Convent/Primary, discovered that she is now located@St Theresa’s Home at Upper Thompson Rd. Brian’s step-sister was adopted from the CHIJ orphanage in the 1960s and looking at his pix brought back memories of the CHIJ school days. Imagine just how blessed many of us are that we did not have to live or grow up in an orphanage!

Raw fish salad Lo Hei/撈起 (posting 13 Feb 2010 – Yuisang/鱼生) dinner@Les & Ivy and a farewell dinner for the CHUAS who are now on a jet plane. Safe journeys to them.

It is true that we cannot be free from sin, but at least let our sins not be always the same – St Theresa of Avila