Welcome May & Bjørn

30 Jan 2011 – Night Safari

Started the weekend with a short walk on Orchard Rd before lunch. Thanks to Kenson for a most delightful lunch. Always such a treat to be at his home with his collections of artefact, like going to a private museum!

Before heading to the Night Safari, we got off bus 138 to Mandai Crematorium to pay respect to May & Clement’s grandparents. Clement told May that when he was visiting Oslo a couple of years ago, we went thru’ a cemetery one evening to pay respect to Munch! There is much serenity in these final resting places where we will all end up someday!

Being the world’s first dedicated night zoo, the Night Safari opened in 1994 is a must-see attraction for all tourists. Had dinner@Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant**over-priced food court style food. There are 2 road loops-East Loop and West Loop total length, 3.2km and the  park is divided into eight geographical zones, which can be explored either on foot via three walking trails, or by tram. Took the tram, got off to see the clouded leopard and was hoping to visit the flying squirrels and bats. Unfortunately the sky opened and poured cats & dogs instead leaving little choice but to get back on the tram. Sorry Bjørn, the bats were not meant to be for this trip… he will have to return for another trip!

http://www.nightsafari.com.sg Thank you Leonard for the tickets, wish he could have joined us.

The last time in the bat house was over 10yrs ago when Linn & Jeff were visiting. Had to get out immediately after a bat flew near the face! Am really not one who likes to see wild animals in any zoos but here, the animals are not in cages but in restricted areas. They do not seemed to mind it, or do they have or know of any other choice? What a life, no worries about being hunted or having to hunt,  just eat, mate, play and sleep 🙂

That the birds of worry and care fly over you head, this you cannot change, but that they build nests in your hair, this you can prevent – Chinese Proverb