The Power of Mother Nature

12 Jan 2011 – Havoc Weathers

DownUnder in Australia, Brisbane 27S/153E, area 5,901 sqKm/2,279 sqMi, pop of slightly over 2mil. Workers evacuated after the Brisbane River burst its banks.¬†Evacuation centers in Brisbane are filling up as Queensland’s capital braces for floods which have turned the state into a disaster zone. Ten people died in flooding Tuesday. To Denise, Kim, cousin ChoonLong and everyone in that area, please stay safe. Pix and info downloaded from BBC, CNN & ST

On the other side of the globe, snowfall in USA,Columbia, SC 34N/81W, area 346 sqKm/133 sqMi, pop 129,333 is also not a usual sight. Pictures credits to Linn and more credits to her for making the best of the situation. Enjoy the moment, but stay warm and safe.

Near the Arctic Norway, Oslo 59N/10E, area 454 sqKm/175 sqMi, pop 596,923, the winter is also colder than normal but they are used to the snow. May stay warm and safe, you will soon be in SIN to celebrate the CNY and to de-freeze! Pix: 2008 Norway trip/posting 31 Oct 2008-Winter Wonderland. The house belongs to Ellen HALD, L&M‘s paternal grandmother and is located on Nes√łya/suburb of Oslo, where we lived from 1974-76.

By the equator here in SIN 1N/103E, area 710 sqKm/274 sqMi, pop nearly 5mil!!! it is comfortable without the air-conditioning in the apartment. Used to be a 3-room HDB, ie 2 bedrooms+1 hall, now converted into a studio apartment. The windows have been opened the past week and that also is not usual here! Enjoying the books, uploading pix and lazing around. Pix were taken as requested by John LIM as he has moved to a new place and liked the interior enough to ask for permission to decorate his living area similarly. Thank you to this talented architect for his compliment. Always a pleasure to be able to help.

Denise mentioned that she was not aware that SIN’s area is so limited to accommodate a pop of 5mil. Sharing some stats to try to understand how the pop and the weather can affect people’s behaviour and moods!

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