The Frog & the Snake

18 Jan 2011 – Happy Bday Grand-niece Isabelle

Brisbane floods: 1.Milton Road with iconic XXXX factory high and dry on the hill. 2.Closed due to flood warnings/Back in 5 meters. 3.Cook Street/Oxley Road. Thanks to Bec & Denise for updates and for sharing. Hopefully everything is getting back to the routine life when the town is cleared and cleaned up. Do understand that many have loss their whole life’s saving and everything they owned. And for some, it will be difficult to start all over again. My thoughts go out to them and my hopes for them is that there will be a silver lining somehow and somewhere. Australians have a more positive outlook and a good sense of humour to life, they will rise above the 5 meters again!

Brazil, Philippines, South Africa and Sri Lanka are also badly hit by the floods. These are poorer countries and how are they going to cope??

Does the snake know that he has a passenger? Thanks to Denise again for sharing. Being a cynic, cannot help but think of the story about the Gingerbread Man. For the frog’s sake, he should remember that he can swim, otherwise it will be frog-legs dinner for the snake 🙂

Then the gingerbread man  reached a wide river , but he didn’t know how to swim. A sly and hungry fox  saw the gingerbread man  and said, ‘Jump on my tail and I’ll take you across the river !’

The gingerbread man thought to himself, ‘I’ll be safe on his tail.’ So he jumped on the fox’s tail and they started across the river.

Halfway across the river, the fox barked, ‘You’re too heavy for my tail, jump on my back.’ So the gingerbread man jumped on the fox’s back.

Soon, the fox said, ‘You’re too heavy for my back, jump onto my nose.’ So the gingerbread man  jumped on the fox’s nose. But as soon as they reached the riverbank, the fox flipped the gingerbread man into the air, snapped his mouth shut and ate the gingerbread man.

And that was the end of the gingerbread man

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