Slumdog Millionaire


25 Feb 2009 – 8 Oscars

After all the write-ups and talks about the movie, I had to watch it. It was indeed very well presented, deserving all the Oscars. The message about the situation in India confirms what I am already aware of. Personally, it was a disturbing and thought provoking movie in spite of the fairy tale ending. The reminder of the reality was always underlined in Jamal’s flashbacks. 20 million rupees=app S$613,000=app US$400,800. Thus millionaire in India.

Childhood should be a stage of innocence but not so for the slum-dogs and underprivileged. To see how some people abuse, misuse and manipulate the innocence and naivety of children is very dis-hearting and sad. The picture posted today is to remind us that innocence has its time and place. To mature with the awareness that innocence does not get confused with ignorance is what we parents try to teach the future generation. But of course we have to be the role model, otherwise you cannot teach what you do not practice! 

Innocence plays in the backyard of ignorance – Proverb

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  1. I enjoyed the movie too. I agree that the setting is depressing and the kids had a really difficult childhood yet the ending is uplifting. It’s very well written.

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