28 Feb 2009 – Last Day of February

Have known WONG Hong Sze and WONG Pui Ah (REYNOLDS is her married name) as long as I can remember, over half a century. Pui Ah is visiting SIN for the week and spending some time together is the best way to catch up. We have gone different directions in life, but it is good that our paths crossed again… like being kids, even for a moment! Hong Sze, thank you for a lovely dinner at the Warren Club and the delightful chats with Sam, Orlando and Jane, Orlando’s mother. To Pui Ah & Jane who will be flying off this weekend to your homes in Vancouver & London, safe journeys.

Pui Ah was reminding me about when I first slumbered in their family home San Bah at Keng Lee Road. I was used to sleeping with the air-condition and could not sleep without it. Towards midnight, I was crying out of fatigued and also probably the trauma of my first sleep-over. My dad drove to pick me up as the chauffeur was asleep. Sam commented on the irony as to how it is possible to hike the Appalachian Trail considering the wimp I was then! There, this goes to show that people do changed at different stages of life, depending on the paths they choose to take. Sam thank you for your charm and wit.

Quotation is a serviceable substitute to wit – Oscar Wilde