17 Feb 2009 – LAM Song Kee & CHAN Swee Ngor

Have been reading my god-sister, Patricia Lim’s (the great-granddaughter of WONG Fook Kee, better known as WONG Ah Fook) 2 books, The Family Book of WONG Ah Fook and WONG Ah Fook, Immigrant Builder and Entrepreneur published by Times. Both books provide excellent extensive family history. Am looking forward to meeting up with Pat who lives in Johor Bahru, just across the Straits of SIN. Yeah no flying.

The family tree in my mind is nothing as extensive as Pat’s. Just want to pass some info to the future generation about the starting of the family ex bank, Kwong Lee Bank; a family chart starting from both my paternal & maternal grandparents¬†including a directory of contacts for my and next generation around the world. This way they can choose to keep the contact or to join the dots of family networking! ¬†

Have encountered a set-back by getting food poisoning in Sarawak but do believe that things happen for a reason. So will take it as a sign to slow down for the time being. This has taken quite some energy and time to recover, perhaps age is the culprit! In the meanwhile will enjoy my detours!

The really happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery when on a detour –