Get Singapore

30 Mar 2009 – Get SIN in SIN!


Get Singapore is to promote locally designed products and to market them both here and abroad. This was happening last weekend at Vivocity and I was there to help with The Singapore Shawl by Shelley Siu. Have been involved with her shows in Singapore and the USA; her products are about class, grace and quality and she demonstrates these shawls as such. The new material for the latest design is bamboo, amazing soft in spite of the hard exterior.


Thank you, Peggy Tan for hosting dinner to Lynne Ong/married Michaels & family. Lynne is our classmate from the 50s and 60s and she immigrated to England. Her son Simon & family have recently moved to SIN.


Congratulations to Kong Hen Sun & Elissa Lim who have decided to tie the knot. I was hoping that there will be candle light wedding dinner but the Intercontinental Hotel did not partake with turning off the lights on this earth day. 

The heart sees better than the eye – Hebrew Proverb

Generation Y

27 Mar 2009 – Y, not DNA

Received this from a friend in Goa and wanted to share with my blog readers. TGIF, have a fabulous weekend and enjoy 🙂

The Silent generation, people born before 1946
The Baby Boomers, people born between 1946 and 1964
Generation X, people born between 1965 and 1983
Generation Y, people born between 1984 and 2002 

Why do we call the last one generation Y? 

I did not know, but a caricaturist explains it eloquently below…



Soap Opera


26 Mar 2009 – Moonlight Resonance

It took me 2 days & 2 nights to watch this award-winning Television Broadcasts Limited’s highest rating HKG melodrama serial, Moonlight Resonance 溏心風暴之家好月圓 and the only TV series I have followed thru’

My children claimed that I do not need to watch soap operas as I grew up in that kind of environment! Wanted to see if I could really sit to watch a complete serial and if it will improve my Cantonese. Had to turn on the English sub-titles to understand certain parts but managed to complete watching all 40 episodes. And my Cantonese is still very basic.

Same old same old plot, good vs evil and a predictable fairy-tale ending with the only Chinese song I know. These dramas do paint an ugly picture of greed, manipulation, selfishness etc but many are not even aware when it happens at the drop of a hat in reality. Unfortunately, money often leads to power and power to corruption; the whole vicious circle seems never ending.

The love of money is the root of all evil – 1 Timothy 6:10

Purple Generation


23 Mar 2009 – Weekend

Sat: Attended a full day conference for the Reign of the Kangxi Emperor with speakers from USA’s Dartmouth, George Mason, Yale, UK’s British Library, The Palace Museum, Beijing, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences and SIN Institute of SE Asian Studies. All excellent speakers, very informative and intensive but a long long day. Was on overdrive by the time I got home and had to play the piano to get into neutral.

Sun: Thank you for a lovely dinner to my nephew Vincent LAM (LAM Kwowk Ping‘s son) & family. Stanley LAM is boarding at the new Sports School. He has swimming coaching and practices twice daily in additional to the regular classes. Quite demanding but the training seems good discipline for my 13 year old grand-nephew whose hair is very much in vogue, highlighted due to the Ph of the water. National Service will be a breeze for him when it is time for him to pay his dues to SIN. His younger brother Andrew is 22 months and is as cute as a button. It will be another story when the terrible twos start 🙂

For 2009, the eldest of the purple generation (my grandchildren) is born in 1989, LAM Sui Chang & Michael ANG (LAM Kwok Kiong‘s grandsons). The youngest will be my 4th grandchild/daughter who is due in Jun, making that generation a total of 23 by Jul.

I am interested in the study of music and the discipline of music and the experience of music and music as a esoteric mechanism to continue my real intentions – Anthony Braxton

OLD Friends!


20 Mar 2009 – Kenson, my old friend!

Kenson KWOK is planning a walking trip with Peggy LEUNG, married PUDDEY (Perth) and myself when he retires! The three of us go back to 1954/55, ie as far as I can remember. He is my first non-related male buddy. This relationship has lasted for over half a century in spite of the different directions in our life. Our parents were good friends and they met regularly for lunch or dinner on the weekends. While the grown-ups were busy with mahjong or card games, we kids were busy being children; such fond childhood memories filled with fun and mischief 🙂

Picture taken in 1955 at Victoria Hall: our mothers dressed us as mascots for the Chinese stall’s charity bazaar. At present, Kenson is the director of the Asian Civilisations Museum works next door to VH. Tomorrow he presents the opening address for the Reign of the Kangxi Emperor Conference and noted me as his OLD FRIEND on the attendances’ list. With him turning 60 in Jun and me six months later, is certainly old compared to my children and grandchildren!

The following paragraph about grandparents was forwarded to me today by my first daughter, Linn. ‘My grandson was visiting one day when he asked, ‘Grandma, do you know how you and God are alike?’  I mentally polished my halo and I said, ‘No, how are  we alike? ‘You’re both old,’ he replied.
Do look forward to learn and know more about the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). It is amazing that my father was born in 1911, the end of the Qing Dynasty. And the last emperor of China Puyi reigned from 1908-1924. Now is that old? Thus making old relative…

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart – Elisabeth Foley

St Patrick


18 Mar 2009 – To my first daughter Linn, Happy 35th Bday

15Mar- St Pat’s Day Parade was held not the actual day so that people could take part on the weekend. Amelia flew in from Jakarta for the day and it was great catching up with her & Steve. Discovered that she celebrated her Bday same day as Ellie (14Mar), belated happy Bday, Amelia Power. This year St Pat did not clear the torrential rains as we matched across the SIN River on SIN’s oldest and only suspension Cavenagh Bridge; the bands did a fantastic job to keep the spirits high.

School holidays started Mon and will last for the whole of this week, will try my best to avoid the library and public places! Celebrated Pat Lynn‘s 40th Bday a day earlier because of the reception. 17Mar- Irish Ambassador Richard O’Brien hosted the yearly St Patrick’s Day Reception at the Hyatt last night with the most scrumptious spread and the bread pudding is to die for! Thank you Brian, Hyatt’s Irish chef. This year is the best I have tasted and I have been tasting your bread pudding since Brendon Lyons took his position as the first Irish Ambassador in SIN, Jun 2000.

Everybody is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. We want people to enjoy themselves and learn something about the great culture and traditions of Ireland – John Keane

The Kangxi Emperor


15 Mar 2006 – Treasures from The Forbidden City

The two silk scroll paintings, The Kangxi Emperor’s Southern Inspection Tour & The 60th Birthday Celebration are very impressive. How did they managed to preserved them is such excellent conditions? Could not take my eyes off the fascinating details. At age of 8, Kangxi became emperor and took over the reigns of power at 14. The Kangxi Emperor’s reign (1662-1722) lasted for 61 years and was one of China’s greatest rulers. 

Kangxi united his people under Qing rule and laid the foundation of the Manchu-led Qing dynasty (1644-1911) which saw China at the peak of its power and influence in the 18th century.

There are 95 artifacts featured in the exhibition, among these are 80 rare treasures from the collection of The Palace Museum, Beijing and they are on show for the first time in SE Asia. The official opening night was just a taste and will need a day to see and appreciate the history and details. Looking forward to do a virtual tour the of the Forbidden City. If time permits, would like to attend the all day conference. Thanks to Kenson Kwok (Asian Civilisation Museum’s director and May‘s godfather) and his staff for another wonderful exhibition.

I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand – Confucius

Decent Beings


12 Mar 2009 – March happenings

What a happening month! Bday greetings to Linn Hall, Ellie Hall, Jo Lam, Ken TanLeong Pat Lynn & Sue Lynn(picture), Gel Yeo, Hannah Leong, Anthony Chao, Paul Drumm(Dublin), Alexander Chua(Bangkok) and John Lim(Melbourne). Leslie & Ivy’s anniversaryElissa & HS Kong’s wedding dinner; overseas visitors LarryP(USA), Lynne Ong(England) and auntie Fong MoKit(Malaysia). Plus St Patrick’s Day Parade and reception and the opening of The Kangxi Emperor exhibition, treasures from the Forbidden City at the Asian Civilisations Museum to the list.

To observe our family growing and maturing into decent beings are one of the true blessings and joys of life. I do not pray or wish for a long life but for a healthy one. So far have been very fortunate to experience, feel and live life’s ups and downs to the fullest. Hopes to continue doing so and trying to do the best without premeditated or intended malice. 

Our own actions, thoughts and words are within our control. Thus, we need to carefully watch them with awareness as they become habits and form our character. But what can we say about the characters who are responsible for N Ireland, German school and the Alabama shootings? 

I know unless I’m true to myself I couldn’t be happy. Too much emphasis is placed today on externals and too little on character – Betty White

Flying a Kite


9 Mar 2009 – Happy Bday Sue Lynn

Quite a delightful experience yesterday at Pasir Ris Park with flying a kite, a tribute to Shakib Gunn. The last time I flew a kite was in in the 1950s, when we made our own kites of bamboo and paper. Today, the kites are more sturdy but it was just as uplifting to feel the sensation of the wind pushing the kite way up in the sky, so peaceful and serene. I am a thousand winds that blow. Will sway along with the winds until when I am the swift uplifting rush.

Much obliged to the SIN Kite Association for the loan of a kite and to Balakrishnan for including me to SG’s tribute. Would like fly a kite occasionally, but will do so either early in the morning or before sunset. Yesterday was too hot and humid and there were too many trees and other kites for my kind of flying! Will start looking for a place to fly and will shop around for a kite.

Completed the day with a family dinner at my nephew’s, Vincent & his family. My sister-in-law, Poh Kit made homemade almond paste, one of my favourites. She has thoroughly spoiled us with the best almond paste.

Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it – Winston Churchill

Departures & Last Chance!


7 Mar 2009 – 2 more deaths

My condolences to cousins Lam ChengEn & family for the passing of his maternal grandfather and to Lanette Toy & family for the passing of her mother, Tseng Lai Lan. Met 6th auntie in the 1980s when I was in San Francisco. Could see the resemblance to my mom, Tseng May Lan, (her 5th sister), cheerful and making the best of life. 95 is certainly a remarkable age to reach. Thankful to have met her and have her as my aunt.

This make 4 deaths in less than 2 weeks. More movies to get my mind on something else but the irony is in one of the movies, Departures (Japanese): a cellist, Diago who is out of job decides to move back to his hometown. He gets a job as an undertaker and discovers the meaning of life. The Japanese have interesting rituals and done with such grace & finesse for just about every occasion, including funerals. Not quite a true black comedy but the tactful humour gave this movie the 2009 Academy Award for the best foreign language film.

Last Chance Harvey: While in London for his daughter’s wedding, Harvey, a rumpled man finds romance with Kate, an English spinster. Have enjoyed most of Emma Thompson’s and Dustin Hoffman’s roles and in this flick, they are kind of cute together with a predictable ending. OK way to pass a wet afternoon.

Every man dies, Not every man really lives – William R Wallace