Soap Opera


26 Mar 2009 – Moonlight Resonance

It took me 2 days & 2 nights to watch this award-winning Television Broadcasts Limited’s highest rating HKG melodrama serial, Moonlight Resonance 溏心風暴之家好月圓 and the only TV series I have followed thru’

My children claimed that I do not need to watch soap operas as I grew up in that kind of environment! Wanted to see if I could really sit to watch a complete serial and if it will improve my Cantonese. Had to turn on the English sub-titles to understand certain parts but managed to complete watching all 40 episodes. And my Cantonese is still very basic.

Same old same old plot, good vs evil and a predictable fairy-tale ending with the only Chinese song I know. These dramas do paint an ugly picture of greed, manipulation, selfishness etc but many are not even aware when it happens at the drop of a hat in reality. Unfortunately, money often leads to power and power to corruption; the whole vicious circle seems never ending.

The love of money is the root of all evil – 1 Timothy 6:10