Purple Generation


23 Mar 2009 – Weekend

Sat: Attended a full day conference for the Reign of the Kangxi Emperor with speakers from USA’s Dartmouth, George Mason, Yale, UK’s British Library, The Palace Museum, Beijing, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences and SIN Institute of SE Asian Studies. All excellent speakers, very informative and intensive but a long long day. Was on overdrive by the time I got home and had to play the piano to get into neutral.

Sun: Thank you for a lovely dinner to my nephew Vincent LAM (LAM Kwowk Ping‘s son) & family. Stanley LAM is boarding at the new Sports School. He has swimming coaching and practices twice daily in additional to the regular classes. Quite demanding but the training seems good discipline for my 13 year old grand-nephew whose hair is very much in vogue, highlighted due to the Ph of the water. National Service will be a breeze for him when it is time for him to pay his dues to SIN. His younger brother Andrew is 22 months and is as cute as a button. It will be another story when the terrible twos start 🙂

For 2009, the eldest of the purple generation (my grandchildren) is born in 1989, LAM Sui Chang & Michael ANG (LAM Kwok Kiong‘s grandsons). The youngest will be my 4th grandchild/daughter who is due in Jun, making that generation a total of 23 by Jul.

I am interested in the study of music and the discipline of music and the experience of music and music as a esoteric mechanism to continue my real intentions – Anthony Braxton

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