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12 Mar 2009 – March happenings

What a happening month! Bday greetings to Linn Hall, Ellie Hall, Jo Lam, Ken TanLeong Pat Lynn & Sue Lynn(picture), Gel Yeo, Hannah Leong, Anthony Chao, Paul Drumm(Dublin), Alexander Chua(Bangkok) and John Lim(Melbourne). Leslie & Ivy’s anniversaryElissa & HS Kong’s wedding dinner; overseas visitors LarryP(USA), Lynne Ong(England) and auntie Fong MoKit(Malaysia). Plus St Patrick’s Day Parade and reception and the opening of The Kangxi Emperor exhibition, treasures from the Forbidden City at the Asian Civilisations Museum to the list.

To observe our family growing and maturing into decent beings are one of the true blessings and joys of life. I do not pray or wish for a long life but for a healthy one. So far have been very fortunate to experience, feel and live life’s ups and downs to the fullest. Hopes to continue doing so and trying to do the best without premeditated or intended malice. 

Our own actions, thoughts and words are within our control. Thus, we need to carefully watch them with awareness as they become habits and form our character. But what can we say about the characters who are responsible for N Ireland, German school and the Alabama shootings? 

I know unless I’m true to myself I couldn’t be happy. Too much emphasis is placed today on externals and too little on character – Betty White

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  1. Hi Sis,

    Nice post. It’s short but filled with gratitude. What can we about the characters – well, we can never know what lies in the hearts of men and women. Perhaps they have their reasons which do not conform to yours or mine for that matter. It’s futile to try and understand them. Wouldn’t it be better to understand and to know oneself first. At least, we can be sure to weed out all the bad thoughts, words, and subsequently the actions that arises from such bad seeds.

    May you have a healthy and long life filled with adventures and all things good. Maybe a little temptations once in a while, life wouldn’t be the same without them. (temptations are tests in disguise)

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