Departures & Last Chance!


7 Mar 2009 – 2 more deaths

My condolences to cousins Lam ChengEn & family for the passing of his maternal grandfather and to Lanette Toy & family for the passing of her mother, Tseng Lai Lan. Met 6th auntie in the 1980s when I was in San Francisco. Could see the resemblance to my mom, Tseng May Lan, (her 5th sister), cheerful and making the best of life. 95 is certainly a remarkable age to reach. Thankful to have met her and have her as my aunt.

This make 4 deaths in less than 2 weeks. More movies to get my mind on something else but the irony is in one of the movies, Departures (Japanese): a cellist, Diago who is out of job decides to move back to his hometown. He gets a job as an undertaker and discovers the meaning of life. The Japanese have interesting rituals and done with such grace & finesse for just about every occasion, including funerals. Not quite a true black comedy but the tactful humour gave this movie the 2009 Academy Award for the best foreign language film.

Last Chance Harvey: While in London for his daughter’s wedding, Harvey, a rumpled man finds romance with Kate, an English spinster. Have enjoyed most of Emma Thompson’s and Dustin Hoffman’s roles and in this flick, they are kind of cute together with a predictable ending. OK way to pass a wet afternoon.

Every man dies, Not every man really lives – William R Wallace

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