23 Feb 2009 Busy weekend

Fri was a lunch time jazz performance by Simplicius CHEONG & his group at the NTU Recital Room with an enjoyable repertoire of Blues Bebop Bossa and Beyond. My classical background is still my forte but the jazz was a delightful change. Thank you Pat CHEE, a 1962 classmate & friend for including me at your cousin’s jazz quartet.

Sat’s lunch with the 10 & 16 aunties resulted with a very useful piece of info for my research into my family history and KLBank. It is in Chinese and I need to write to the newspapers for the original copy and try to get it translated without getting lost in the translation. Am quite excited with this full page with pictures and write-up.

Sun: Wedding of Orlando and Samantha at the Raffles Hotel where Orlando promised eternal love for Sam. My congratulations and every best wishes to the young couple. Sam’s father, WONG Hong Sze’s parents and my parents were friends before we were born! Hong Sze and his sister Pui Ah (who surprised everyone by flying in from Vancouver for the wedding) were my childhood friends. It was quite amazing to catch up with some of the Wong family I have not seen since 1965!

Jazz is an intensified feeling of nonchalance – Françoise Sagan