Real Man


20 Feb 2009 – About yesterday

Yesterday on the bus, I finally met a real man. He was carrying his baby in a sling and snuggling with his baby. Was so touched that I asked for permission to take his picture and thank him for making my day. The rest of the day passed by in good spirits after this incident. But can certainly feel that the energy was running low towards the end of the afternoon.

Lawrence & I went first to Mandai Crematorium to pay respects to our parents; then to Urban Redevelopment Authority URA to see the plans of SIN where there is a very impressive model of the whole island (can even see my HDB block) and also more detailed models of different district in a larger scale. The day was clear enough to see the real views from the SIN Flyer. Ended a lovely day with Lawrence & Leslie chowing down char kway teow (= fried flat noodles) from the famous stall #18 on Zion Rd; Ivy & I had soup! To Lawrence, safe journeys back to KCH.

A woman isn’t complete without a man. But where do you find a man- real man, these days? – Lauren Bacall