2 Deaths


18 Feb 2009 – Life is fragile

My condolences to my nephew John LAM & family for the loss of his father-in-law and to Shakib Gunn’s family. Shakib’s sudden death is distressing and the first time I have experienced a Muslim funeral. He died yesterday morning and was buried in the afternoon. The Muslims cleaned and wrapped their dead in linen and after prayers, they are buried straight into the ground.

SG and I crossed paths at Hagley & Hoyle. He was both the art director and copy writer since the beginning of the company and has the best penmanship I have seen; English, founding member of the SIN Kite Association, married to a local muslim Malay lady and converted to Islam. He leaves behind his wife, a daughter, a son-in-law and 2 grandsons. The last time I saw him was at H&H’s Christmas scrumptious lunch where he was explaining how to pull the table cloth without stirring anything on the table. SG, thank you for crossing my path. Will miss your H&H visits. 

Last night, Lawrence requested for a family dinner and meeting at Leslie & Ivy’s. Planning to take Lawrence for beef noodles at Purvis Street, one of my favourites (especially the soup) tonight. Wanted to also introduce him to the SIN Flyer but unfortunately the weather is too hazy. Life is fragile, so enjoy and cherish every moment of it.

Respect for the fragility and importance of an individual life is still the mark of an educated man – Norman Cousins

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  1. We mourn the passing away of a good man, a man of noble spirit, my mentor Tio Shakib Gunn… We remember him, his magical stories, his expansive humour, his magnanimous spirit for humanity, the freedom of his spirit exemplified in his organisation for kite flyers, his concern for his fellow men, and the kindness of his soul… I can not forget his introduction of us his friends to the wonder and freedom of kite flying, to the good feelings that it creates in man, and to the childlike enjoyment that he has of nature and of human relationships… He was a good man, a good father, a good husband, and good friend of those around him… We will always remember him here in the Philippines, a country he has come to like and love… May his beloved soul rest in peace with our Lord God in heaven…

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