Serenity in Leslie & Ivy’s Garden


10 Feb 2009 – Back in Civilisation

6-8 Feb was one of my most miserable weekends, had the runs and vomited constantly for 3 days in Sibu, Sarawak. The Orchid Hotel, a budget centrally located with wireless but that was either a disco or KTV bar which blasted out loud & clear. The energy level was zero to bother with relocating, but it will certainly not be my choice when I return to continue with the research. Rescheduled flights and was back in SIN 8Feb night.

Thank you to Leslie & Ivy for having me to stay with them. The first thing they gave me was a shot to stop the runs and medication to stop the throw-ups. 9 Feb: no more runs and throw-ups but the appetite is zero. That makes 5 days without food, what a way to lose weight but not recommended. At Mt Elizabeth Hospital and was informed that I was infected with a server case of salmonella/food poisoning. Due to my history of ulcer, there are precautions to be taken with correct medication.

Imagine in an era when there were no planes nor mediation, would I have survived this ordeal? And what is Mother Nature telling us with floods in Sarawak, fires in Australia, droughts in China and snow-storms in parts of EU & USA?

Food poisoning enables one to lose weight without going on a diet 🙂

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  1. So nice to have your brother and sis in law take care of you. You’ll be up and running again in no time, with a new figure to boot!

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