22 Apr 2008 – Toronto

Sun- the airport shuttle was nowhere in sight on this clear blue sky 0700hrs morning. Shared a cab with a couple into town. Have not seen 5 aunt since I left SIN 1965. She is now over 90, in good hands at a private nursing home but one wonders if she recognises or remembers me after 43 years. Cousin Yun’s home is very central and what a wonderful surprise, cousin Lock & his wife May were here on route to Key West. A delicious dinner gathering with their son Minos and his friend Fanula. Where has the time gone? It did not seemed that long ago I changed his diapers in Dublin 1968/69 and now he is going on 40!

Mon- Lock & May are building a new house in Newcastle, 1hr drive from Toronto. It is located by Lake Ontario in a charming little community. Looking forward to the house warming before I leave. Sault Ste Marie where they live at present is 8hrs drive from Toronto. Cousin Chai could not join us for dinner last night as he was away but made it up tonight. We used to play Monopoly all night when our mothers played mahjong in the 1950s. But tonight the scrumptious Surf & Turf was beyond any games- first experience with the yummy Nova Scotia lobster.

Tue- Yun drove Lock & May to the airport 0600hrs. After dropping them off we chat until we could hardly keep our eyes open. All the delicious food (May‘s cooking is still one of the best ) and lack of sleep was a good excuse for an afternoon siesta. Happy 1st Birthday to Isaac, Lock & May’s 1st grandson who lives in NYC with his parents Dika Lam & Mark Borowsky.

Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories – Cathy Allen 

3 thoughts on “Toronto

  1. You really have relatives all over the world! That makes traveling alot more memorable and meaningful.

  2. Especially when I am trying to collect branches and leaves for the family tree… what is your latest dream?

  3. hi amy,

    you look bright & chirpy in the pic. with 2 other great companions beside u, continue to embrace your life with hugs and kisses.

    just wondering if u keep a record of friends’/ relatives’ birth dates. it’s a sweet gesture to remember so many dates. good way to fight against ‘forgetfulness’! i shall not say, ‘dementia’…ha

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