The Canadian Rockies


19 Apr 2008 – Comox & The Rockies

Wed- sightseeing in Courtenay & Comox with aunt Elise. Was so fortunate to view a practise air-show as the CanadianForces’SnowbirdsSquadron was doing their stuns for the ComoxAirShow. The airport reminded me of the one in Tromso/Norway 1968 when I first landed, ie… one cannot get lost there unless you are blind!

Thu- lunched with uncle Cheong & his coffee buddies; played table tennis at the community center with his senior buddies. Wonderful to see such active seniors (70s & 80s) enjoying themselves and beating me in all the games! Walked with aunt Elise around the neighbourhood in the refreshing weather. Thank you for the hospitality and for including me in their lives the past few days. Hope to see them all in SIN Nov for Kat & Greg’s wedding.

Fri & Sat- Greyhound bus from Campbell River to Vancouver and train to Edmonton thru’ the Canadian Rockies. VIA Rail departed 1730hrs, slept thru’ the night. The early morning views in the Rockies with Mt Robson (3,954m/12,972′), the highest point and Moose Lake, the largest in the Canadian Rockies were spectacular. Memories of Norway came to mind again… 1968 train trip from the south to the north Norway after hitching a ride on a coal ship from Dublin/Eire to Brevik/Norway.

Sat- snowed when the train got into Edmonton after 1800hrs. The ride (38km) in the airport shuttle was dramatic with a couple of accidents on the highway and one of the guys refusing to pay at the end… just as well the Toronto flight was not leaving until 0100hrs!

Not all who wander are lost – Tolkien

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  1. Amy,

    So wonderful to meet with you again. I am glad that you had some spectacular views in the Rockies.
    I hope you are having a good time in Toronto. Please say hello to everyone from me.
    I look forward to seeing you in Singapore in November!


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