28 Apr 2008 – Royal Ontario Museum ROM

Mon- wind chills and the cold temperatures brought winter back today. Decided to take the street car and subway to ROM Royal Ontario Museum here, not to be confused with ROM in SIN Registry of Marriage there! Even the subway station is unique. The design of the museum has a thoroughly modern glass entrance backed by an Italianate Neo-Romanesque architecture, most unusual. Enjoyed the Glass Paper-weighs section and the Black Star Sapphire from Queensland, Australia. Could only afford a piece of magnificent teal coloured rock at the museum shop!

Yorkville is the upscale district with condos prices starting from 1million +++ and the usual brand name shopping grounds for the rich. The back to back new & old buildings add to an interesting contrast eg. Church of the Redeemer/Renaissance Plaza. Managed to find a small size aluminum flask in this kitchen store at an affordable price. Have been eyeing one of these for a while and saw some in SIN for a much higher price. With all this traveling, it will come in useful.

He is rich or poor according to what he is, not according to what he has –
Henry Ward Beecher